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Hefty Yoruba Boys Rape two Junior Secondary School Teenage Girls in a Bush (Video)

So I got his bizarre Video from an anonymous reader. I actually got the video two days ago but decided to wait to write about it today being Valentine day. 

In the short video they were all speaking in Yoruba dialect, the guys kept threatening the girls never to tell anyone about the incident while he kept tearing her. The other girl was frightened as she watched her second being devoured.  The girl being raped had her hand held over by one of the boys while the second guy kept at it. The teenager was in severe pains. The girl kept begging them, she was even adding “Sir” saying “Ejo sir, Mi o ni so fun anybody sir, e fi owo mi le sir, e je kin se dada sir, o’dun mi sir,  but these wicked guys never listened to her cries of pains.
The worst is that, the boys did not show their own faces in the video, only faces of the girls. I really Felt pity for these girls seeing this video.

As for the boys, if the law cannot catch up with them Karma will. if you think you can escape the law, well you can't escape Karma! it will catch up with you when you least expected. 

Why did I decide to write about this today? It is because today is Valentine day, a whole lot of girls will lost their pride and dignity as a woman today. Some of them will willingly sell their pride over a plate of fried rice and chicken today all because of Valentine craze

Don’t go out with a stranger today. Don’t go out with your lover to an unknown destination today, be cautious of things and people around you. Don’t go to any isolated area with anybody today.  And lastly always play safe in all that you do.

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