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Amber Rose Rubbishes Her Butt 'Photoshop' Claims, Posts untouched pic of her Butt

Amber Rose has come under fire for looking cellulite free on her instagram photos while those taken by papparazzi show her flaws..She posted this photo above to prove that she didn't photoshop her body but it was just the angle she lay..She said
"Hey Rosebuds this is the Raw unfiltered untouched version of the picture I posted 2 days ago ( Didn't have time to post this yesterday 2 busy being a mom) Anyways it wasn't photoshopped at all only a yellow Sunny filter on it. Fortunately u don't have paparazzi purposely taking bad angled unflattering pics of u. Unfortunately I do. Has anyone ever taken a pic of u when u weren't looking and put it on the Gram without telling u? Horrible right? Welcome to my life Lol it's all about how u pose. I know my very best angles in every pic I take.
The photoshopped version below

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