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Bode George Slams PDP Chief for Saying he Diverted Resources Meant for Elections.

Cheif Bode George who said he would go on exile following Buhari's win has been accused of working for against the PDP .In a series of facebook messages by a Peoples Democratic Party governorship aspirant in Lagos State, Babatunde Gbadamosi,he wrote
“Losers can only lead to failure. Go and enjoy your new houses in Magodo, Ikoyi, FESTAC and Maryland, all bought in election season. You have all worked diligently these last 12 years for Tinubu. You can now retire to your natural political home – APC.

“You know you betrayed the party and diverted resources meant for elections. Leave quietly or be exposed and thoroughly disgraced. It is amazing how a man that cannot win his polling unit is our leader. Bode George must go and swiftly too.

“In 2015, he claimed to be fighting Obanikoro, conducted shambolic primaries, got his parachute candidate and lost again. Every step of the way, he has demonstrated a befuddling poverty of judgement, insisting on bad candidates time after time.

“Who has been the biggest single beneficiary of Bode George’s incompetence and inability to win? BolaTinubu. That’s why Bode George must go. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it, where his real loyalty has been this whole time.”
 In reponse,Bode George described Gbadamosi as an irresponsible man who may be suffering from a mental problem.
“This little boy who just developed into politics wants to run before he can crawl. Imagine Gbadamosi going on Twitter to say I am a mole. He said I have been working with Tinubu. He must have woken on the wrong side of the bed or probably came from another planet or something is mentally wrong with him.”
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