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Paul Okoye wants us to know he Wrote Most of PSquare's Greatest Hits

Personally i cant tell if all things are rossy between the two brothers, but fans have been questioning Paul Okoye over his posts this morning..He has been listing the greatest PSquare songs and alluding to the fact he wrote them..None written by Peter..Looks like he is trying to pass a message..Checkout what he wrote below

Personally ...presenty the highest view video on YouTube coming from Africa�� guess who wrote and produced �� don't take is personal... Me

The internationally acclaimed Do Me....was dreaming one night and I woke up singing this song...then j.matins was at our place .., called him,woke my twin brother up and told them I think I have a HIT ...and it was a dream come true

E NO Easy
E no easy by psquare....a wonderful song...produced by j.matinz ..written by me performed by psquare...,some say is a gospel music...but is a reality of what we do as psquare


Psquares all time biggest wedding song..written by me ...produced by me and performed by me...a very good example of an ever-green song..years to years to come,this song will still be bumping and I know u all love it

One song I regretted we never did the video is Forever.....a love song,a very good song....written by me, produced by me and performed by me...is a special song especially for the ladies

Psquare ft Dave Scott ....this is a very good example of a good song, produced by me,written by me and performed by me...we already shot the video .....so watch out for it. #mybest40songsofp2

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