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How Boko Haram prepares kidnapped girls as suicide Bombers

Some freed Boko Haram captives have told of their ordeal ,with one narrating how kidnapped girls are prepped as suicide bombers..Speaking to The NewYork Times,Meriam, 36, who had just arrived at the camp in Maiduguri from Gwoza, spoke of being imprisoned with dozens of other women, including some who were being trained as suicide bombers.
“The Boko Haram would recite the prayer for the dead,“Then they would put on the hijab,” covering the suicide belt.“They said, ‘God will forgive us,’ ” she said. “Then, they would enter the vehicles, and they would send the women away.”
Meriam said she had seen a few of the Chibok village girls at the hospital in Gwoza, and said that the Boko Haram appeared to give them a special status.

Hamsatu, 25, a young woman in a black-and-purple head scarf, looking down at the ground said ... said she was four months pregnant, that the father was a Boko Haram member and that she had been forced to have sex with other militants who took control of her town.
“They married me,“They chose the ones they wanted to marry,If anybody shouts, they said they would shoot them.”
Yahauwa, 30, used her green head scarf to wipe away tears as she clutched a plastic bag full of medicine. She had just tested positive for H.I.V.
“Is it from the people who forced me to have affairs with them?” she asked a relief worker, tears streaming down her face.
Later, she explained that she and many other women had been “locked in one big room.”
“When they came, they would select the one they wanted to sleep with, “They said, ‘If you do not marry us, we will slaughter you.’ ”

Culled from New York Times

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