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How Generator Repairer Stabbed man to Death in Lagos

The Chief Security Officer of the God’s Own Estate in Ijanikin, Badagry, Lagos Tochukwu Ejika, has died following stab wounds he sustained during a fight with a generator repairer, Ayo Abimbola, pictured above, on May 3rd. According to Punch, the suspect had gone to repair the generator of a friend of his in the said estate when the incident happened.
"I repair generators for people in that estate and I have been doing the job since 2001. I had stayed in four different apartments but I was sent out of my last apartment because my landlord was always trying to interfere in my personal affair. He always complained that I beat my girlfriend. My friend, Olokun, on Friday invited me to repair his generator. I went to his house with some clothes because I planned to beg him to let me stay with him for a few days. He was not at home, but I met his wife. After repairing the generator, I dropped the bag there and told his wife to explain to him that I would like to live with them for a while. I went back to the area the next day to repair generators for some more people. It was when I finished that I went back to Olokun’s house to know if I could stay with him.” the suspect said
According to him, on getting to his friend's house at about 8pm, the wife told him that the husband declined his request and he picked his belongings and left the estate. He said as he was leaving, he met with the deceased who ordered him to return to where he was coming from
"I did not know he was the chief security officer and he did not tell me who he was. But when he said I should go back, I decided to approach him and explain what was happening to him. He picked a plank and hit me in the head with it. I dragged the plank from him and stabbed him in the head too. He became angry and picked a dagger and stabbed me in the elbow. In annoyance, I seized it from him and struck him in the stomach and he fell down,” he said.
The deceased died moments later. The suspect was apprehended by other security officers who beat him up and handed him over to the Ijanikin police men.

The Lagos state police command spokesperson, Kenneth Nwosu, while confirming the incident, said the matter has been transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation, Panti for further investigation.

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