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How Long Should a Lady “Play Hard to get”?

Like seriously, Ladies that plays hard to get for long do not know exactly what they want. Of cause it is not advisable for a guy to ask you out today and immediately you’ll accept his proposal. You have to take your time to study him, to see if he is really serious.

The question now is how long should you keep a guy in the “Study Zone” before you finally say “Yes” if you want him to be your man? To me personally, a week or two of studying the guy through chat, calls or hangout should be enough to make you decide if truly you want him or not. If after a week or two, you can either tell him”yes” or “no”.
In Nigeria here, if  a guy ask a lady out and she says I’ll think about it, the guy will assume they are now dating; although most times, that is how it always end but not all the time though.

Still on the matter, ladies that play hard to get for Long most time end up being the looser. A guy will not spend his entire life chasing after you.. We are all human being, when we chase something for long and that thing is not coming, we either give up entirely or we look for an alternative.

There are some ladies that you’ll ask out, for months. They’ll keep telling you they are either not interested or they just want you as a casual friend. The moment you stop asking them out and then probably you were able to get another girl, that is when they’ll start wanting you.

Hello! It is too late. You had your chances but you missed it. Now the guy is with someone else, please use the exit door!

Ladies should know that no matter the Love or affection a guy have for a lady, if he is feeling not wanted for long, there is a possibility that he’ll go somewhere else. You are not the only woman in the world. If you think you are beautiful, there are millions of Ladies that are beautiful out there, if he is attracted to you because you have a homely character, there are still million of girls out there that are not only beautiful but are homely as well. 

If you want him, accept his proposal, if you don’t want him, tell him “NO” and let him go. It is just sheer stupidity when you want a guy to be your man and he is asking you out but yet you keep posting him. Telling him, let’s be friend for now. After about a month of friendship, the guy will remind you about you and him being lovers and you are still saying “Give me some time to think about it” hello! What were you doing all through the one month that you were friend with him? You were looking at him like boiled Beans abi? 

This attitude is now becoming a trend among ladies of now adays. Instead of them to tell you, they don’t want you, they’ll keep pushing you gradually away until another girl will come into the picture. And once you get another girl, they’ll start pestering your life and stalking you, it is when another girl comes in that is when their sense of reasoning will equate. 

To end this, don’t play too hard to get and don’t play too easy to get either, just take your time and study the guy within the shortest period of time and give him a Yes or a No as an answer because he won’t be chasing after you forever!

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