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Why Most Ladies don't Enjoy Sexual Intimacy with their Man

Ladies that complains that they don't cum or enjoy sexual intimacy with their man are the "Log of Wood" type of Ladies.

What do I mean by that? It means Ladies that will just lie down there on bed while the man does all the work.

If you want to have sex with your guy, do it to the fullest, enjoy it to the fullest. How will you enjoy the sex when you are just lying down there?

Most ladies don't cum during sex because they are not helping the guy to make them cum. You owe your honeypot, you know the sensitive area that when it is being tickled it sends you to cloud nine so why are you just lying down there? 

Lead the guy, tell him how you want to be handled, don't just lie down there and let him take all the enjoyment and after he cums you'll start telling people like us that you don't enjoy sex with your man.

Even during foreplay, some ladies won't even touch the guy, the guy will be smooching them, all they'll do is just to moan. Some won't even moan self, they'll be looking at you like roasted groundnut and when the guy is done satisfying himself on her, they'll say they don't enjoy the sex. 

Of cause you won't. You alone knows your body, you alone knows your sensitive part, lead his hand and d!ck during a sexual intimacy and you'll get the same satisfaction he gets. 

So When next you want to do it with your man, take charge on bed if you want to get the same satisfaction he gets.

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