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How Ikeja Runs Girls now Take Injections to Seize their Menstruation

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This is not like your normal regular blog post. This is more or else an Exposé kind of gist. We all know runs is the latest trend among young ladies of now adays. Married women do it too but its is very common among young ladies of now adays.  Most Girls of now adays uses runs as an avenue for making quick money.

For those of you that might not fully understand what I mean by “Runs”. Runs is like a tushed name given to prostitution lol. That is by the way.

There are different forms or ways each girl does her own runs. While some specializes in doing it with Aristos, others do it with young guys only so far they have the money to pay for their services.

So yesterday I had a discussion with one of the happening babes in ikeja and she opened up to me some gory things runs girls in ikeja Lagos indulges in just to keep them going on in the trade. 

She told me three bizzzare things that some runs girl in ikeja does just to keep them hot and always wanted in the business. 

She told me that some runs girl in ikeja now take family Planning Injection so that they won’t get pregnant. When she told me I was like “Babe are you kidding me”? i know that it is mostly couples that indulges in family planning to space their children but when as a young lady you are taking family planning injection so that  you can continue your runs business without any fear of getting pregnant, then you might be damaging your body system without knowing it. 

Personally I know of a married woman that did family planning after her first issue so that she can space her children. She wanted to have another baby two years after the first one. She went for family planning and after two years that she is now ready to give birth. Pikin no gree com again! 

After series of test was conducted on her, it was latter discovered that the family planning she did does not matches with her body system and that she’ll have to wait for years for that family planning effect to wares off from her body system before she can become fertile again to give birth. 

So if this can happen to a married woman how much more you that is still young? When I asked this Babe if these runs girls do go to the hospital to do this, she said No, that they either go to the chemist or meet any road side nurse that will be giving them the injections.

Secondly she told me that some runs girl in ikeja also have sex even when they are ON! Just Imagine having sex with a lady that is menstruating. When she told me this, I was like "babe don't tell me that, are the men foolish? Why will they have sex with a runs girl that is menstruating? And then she gave me the shocker. She said runs girls in ikeja that do have sex with their client even when they are ON have a way of stopping the blood flow. I immediately asked “How”? and she said what they do is this. They will cut a huge cotton wool. They will mould it and then they will push it deep down their vag. Once the cotton wool is deep down their, the blood flow won’t come out again. The cotton wool they conceal in their vag will block the menstruation blood from coming out.  

They will go for their normal runs business, they will have sex with any available man without the man knowing they are ON. After they have had sex; by this time the cotton wool would have gone deep down their vag due to the thrusting during sex. By the time get home. They’ll begin to push just like how pregnant women push when they want to give birth to a baby.  They will push and push till the cotton wool they conceal in their Vag comes out soaked.

My mouth was “Agape” When she told me this. And then I begin to wonder. What if the cotton wool she pushed down their did not come out after she has pushed and pushed like a woman in Labour? Definitely if the cotton wool did not come out she might have to go under the knife to bring it out. Is the 5k or 10k that you were being paid for the sex worth this risk?

Within a week a woman monthly flow should have come and gone, so does it mean these runs girls that uses cotton wool to block their vag during menses cannot skip their runs business for a week?  hmmmm, things people do for money..

While I was still pondering on this she told me the last one which was like a mother of all shocker! She told me that some runs girl in ikeja now take a certain Injection to seize their Menstruation for 6 months. Within these 6 months they can sex as they like without any fear of being pregnant.  Within this time frame, they can make huge profit from their runs trade.  She told me those girls that normally do this are those big runs girls that can spend months in a man house. 

When she finished telling me all these I was shocked beyond recognition. Of cause I have heard of different bizarre tales you guys do send to me on the “My Experience” segment but these ones is kinda alarming. 

If a woman’s monthly flow is good for her body system, there is no way God will fashion the flow to be coming out every month. You seized your menstruation for good six months when you are not pregnant, because of money? smh. 

I Rest my case.... 

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