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How my 10-Year-old Demonic House girl was Having Sex with my 2-year-old Son in my House

Hello guys, it another edition of the My Experience Segment on our Blog.. I was told this gist by a colleague, I managed to put all what I was told in writing just for you guys. Enjoy gist below.

This my colleague sister is married, she has two kinds, Twins. A Boy and a girl that are both 2 years of age. Her sister is in her late trimester so she need someone around to help her out considering the fact that her husband is not stable at home due to work.  They decided to get a house girl. Someone  referred a girl to them and they took her in as their own, also they quickly accepted her because they needed a hand to help take care of the twins because her sister will soon put to bed. 

The house girl is a 10 YEAR OLD GIRL.. When she moved in with them, she always looks at her madam protruding tummy with an evil eye. The husband always notices this but he always wave’s it off. It is not as if her madam is wicked towards her. Her job is just to help bath the twins and keep them company because the woman is in her last month of delivery. 

This my colleague sister gave birth to her baby and the child died. She was devastated, but God knows best. Anytime a strong man of God or someone that is spiritually strong comes into their house, they will feel the presence of a strange spirit in their home, immediately this their 10yr old maid will leave whatever she is doing and she will come to the palour to where they are, her presence will make those visitor to forget whatever they wanted to say about their strange feeling about their house. 

One day the woman bath her twins herself, she dressed them up and told the maid to keep them company while she goes to get something across the street. Immediately she came back, she met the boy crying. She asked the maid what happened to the boy, the maid “Aunty I don’t know o, me I did not do anything o” the woman saw that her maid skirt was loosed and she asked “why is your skirt loosed?” and she quickly said “ Aunty nothing oh, I went to we-we”. The woman took her twins to her room, immediately she wanted to lock the door, this her 10 year old maid, quickly ran into her room and out of anger she slapped the girl, did I call you she asked her? She pushed her out of the room and then she locked the rom. 

As a mother she then pet the crying boy and then she calmly asked him, “why are you crying? And the little boy said “Mummy my we-we is paining me” her mother was like “What happened to your we-we? Why is it paining you? Who touched your we-we? The little crying boy said “it is Aunty Blessing that is always playing with my we-we? The mother asked the twin sister, “Is it true that blessing is playing with junior we-we? The girl said yes. The mother became mad and then she asked her, did she always play with your own we-we too? The small girl said no. Curiosity and anger made her to pull off her baby boy trouser and she was shocked. The little boy small Pen!s is so swollen and red. 

That was when she shouted for help! She quickly took the boy to an elderly woman across their street, when she got there, she was like “mummy I want show you something, she pulled down her little boy trouser and the elder woman saw that the boys pen!s is so swollen and red and she quickly asked, what happened to him? Her mother asked the boy in the elderly woman presence “junior, what happened to your we-we? And junior replied “it is aunty blessing that is always playing with my we-we?

That was when they started Beating the maid to tell them what she has been doing with the boys peni!s that made it so swollen and red. despite all the threat and beating, this 10 year old maid refused to talk. All she kept saying is that “if una like make una kill me, I no do anytin, I no go talk anytin

While all these drama was ongoing, the boy’s father was not around oh. He was called on phone and he rushed home from work to see his house full. He quickly went to kitchen and carried a knife; he threatened to kill the maid if she did not confess, that was when the maid confessed. She said “I did not do anything to junior, I was only fucking him,  I always fuck him anytime I like” the whole house was shocked, they asked her how she manages to do that, she said “I will hold his pen!s and I will be chuking it in my bum bum” that was when they pounced on her again and started beating her. Despite all this beating, she showed no act of remorse. That was when people started telling her "Aje ni e" (You are a witch).

She latter started bleeding, they rushed her to the hospital… After a day at the hospital, she returned home and their family pastor came visiting. He wanted to counsel the girl. He was like “why did you do something like that? You are too young for this, this people take you as their own, they are planning to enroll you in a school next term” The ten year old girl interrupted the pastor and told him “What? Wetin I do?! The woman and her husband wanted to beat her again for being rude to their pastor, the pastor told them to leave her, that she is under a strong demonic influence.

All the people that took part in beating her were faced with one misfortune or the other. This my colleague that told me this  gist had a serious accident on an Okada where her knee was badly bruised. She spent almost 2 weeks at home to nurse her wound. The boy’s father whom has never been sick before was faced with a strange illness that made him a vegetable for days. Other people that took part in beating her too either had an accident or fell sick suddenly or were faced with one misfortune or the other. 

How I wish I can steal the pic of this entire gist from my colleagues phone, but she will have my head if I go near her phone without permission, also she won’t want to release the pictures to me because she knows my part time job is to do Amebo on my blog. lol

So as I was saying, the pastor did a deliverance session for the twins and the entire family but he refused to pray for the 10 year old maid. He told this my colleagues sister and her husband to return the 10 year old maid to where they got her from. The man took the maid to another pastor again and immediately that pastor saw the 10 year old maid, he told them to return the girl to wherever they picked her from too. That one too refused to pray for her. That was how the maid was returned to the woman that referred her to them.

Ha! Nkan Be! So my dear Twidas, Make una dey very careful o. The devil can possess anybody irrespective of their age or gender. If you are to pick a maid or any other domestic staff, do a thorough background check about that person before welcoming them into your home so that you won’t end up bringing Doom into your home. 

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