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It took Bruce Jenner 6 Surgeries and $70k to Transform to Caitlyn Jenner - Surgeon

We all know Caitlyn Jenner had a facial feminization surgery ..But the 65-year-old's new face came with a heavy price tag, one estimated to be in the realm of $70,000.

Plastic surgeon Dr David Alessi who is based in Los Angeles, performs nearly a dozen similar surgeries each year, which softens certain characteristically male features and adding a few feminine touches.

Alessi told Page six of the Nwe York Times that he believes Bruce underwent six procedures to get Caitlyn's face.

Among the surgeries he claims that the former decathlete underwent Rhinoplasty, which runs anywhere between $9k to $15k.Then a facial rejuvenation surgery that often costs in the neighbourhood of $25,000.

Alessi also think that Caitlyn has had a brow lift (around $12k), cheek implants ($6K-$8K), Adam's apple shave ($6K-$10K), and Botox ($800).
The total amount the surgeon estimates the cost of all the procedures is around $70,000.

In addition, most patients who undergo similar procedures get yearly touch ups and tweaks, to maintain their appearance - and Alessi thinks Caitlyn will be no different.

He also believes that Caitlyn will want other procedures down the road, including liposuction to have a more hourglass shape.

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