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My Experience in an Enugu Hotel, Plus How Enugu Babes Leads Fake Lifestyle

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Yaga! Its another Fascinating Edition of the "My Experience" Segment on our Blog.. As you all know we have had loads upon loads of funny, bizarre and gory true life experiences on this segment. To those of you that might be new comers to our blog, let me tell you a brief about the "My Experience" segment on our Blog. 

My Experience is a True Life Experience of you or a true life experience you have witnessed. All the Gist on the "My Experience" Segment on this Blog are True Life stories of the people that sent them to us. I just got another funny one, Not like all the Gory Experiences I posted about Akwa Ibom People. This one happened in Enugu. Please enjoy below

“Da Silva I really need share with you my experience here in Enugu of how God saved me.

I went to Enugu so I can be able to get all the details I need to do my masters since I have relocated to eastern part due to my dad’s death so I can stay closer to my mum being the only girl she had.

I got to Enugu
on Tuesday and checked into a hotel directed to me by my friend. Before I got to the hotel ,the cab I picked to take me to Maryland noticed I am a novice in Enugu and decided to dupe me. 

He took three times of what was the real price, he practically drove me round the whole state before taking me to my destination so as to waste few time to cover  up for his charges. Finally I got to the hotel and checked in. To my greatest surprise there was no light in the area and the hotel only uses generator only at night. 

Hmmm that's where my stress starts because no light to charge my phone, no connections at all. I just have to stay and wait till night when the power will come up. Night finally came.  I have to spend the two days because I’ve already paid for 2dayz . Then I decide to make some contacts and see if I can spend the two days with my friend not to keep me board while doing what I came here to do before going back to my base. 

Then I remembered one babe whom I have been talking to for  years now, so I searched for her contact and I got it, i called her and i told her am coming to see her,  then she directed me on how to get to her place.  Then I picked a cab to her place. what I saw my mouth cannot say it.  Initially she told me she stays in Achalla layout but to my surprise she stays at IKIRIKE VILLAGE.   Babes can form chaiiii. On getting there the place is like a remote Ajegunle. Da Silva!  no toilet, no bathroom, God the rooms where hell. Upon all this, the babes na Olosho in d dirty dungeon. At night was worst,  when all their customers come along and they will be busy right in my face doing shit. haaaa my eyes saw hell. As am sending you This mail am on my way back to my home town. I didn't eat neither did I sleep nor shower. hmmmm I just have to run for my dear life.  Can’t wait to get home”

If you have any True Life Experience that you would like to share with us, send us a mail to talkwithdasilvatv@gmail.com and after reviewing your Experience, we will publish it here for all to read and learn from.

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