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I hardly go to church till I met my wife - Sunny Nneji

Like it or not, Sunny Nneji is among those Musicians back then that made magic with their song. Nneji who has been in the music scene for over three decades now has revealed in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, that he is aware that he was once a sex symbol in the country and that it is normal for women to fantasise about him. He also reveals he started attending church services when he met his wife. see below.

“I heard that when I released Mr. Fantastic, I became a sex symbol in Nigeria. It is a normal thing for ladies to fantasise about me. Ladies constitute more than 70 per cent of our fan base. If you have a concert and ladies are not more than guys, then you would not enjoy the concert because ladies are very emotional. They tend to support and follow what they like more than guys. It is a normal thing for ladies to fantasise about me and I still enjoy such. I love all my fans but I need my female fans more because they are more supportive when it comes to art. They fought over me but it was not the physical fight. They just wanted to show their appreciation that they love what I am doing,” he said.
The singer also said that his wife gave his life a sense of direction as he hardly went to church before he met her.
Nneji said, “It is true that I hardly went to church till I met my wife. There is a man for every woman. When you meet the woman that God has destined to be your wife, she sets you on the right path. She would help you organise your life and give it a meaning. The woman would make you more responsible. If you have a woman in your life and she is not helping you to become more focused in life, then there is something wrong. That is why she is your wife. She comes to your life to correct certain things that are wrong."

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