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Meet the Most Jealous Woman in Britain who forces Husband to use "Lie Detector"

Dubbed Britain's most jealous woman,Debbi Wood appeared on This Morning and admitted being so jealous that she forces partner Steve Wood to take a lie detector test every day to check whether he has been faithful.

The newlywed, who who has delusional disorder Othello syndrome, admitted to checking her partner's phone, email and bank statements, and even forbidding him from looking at pictures of other women in magazines.

Steve was banned from watching certain TV shows, and even made to turn the telly off if a commercial with a pretty woman aired during a break.She said

‘I think he’s gorgeous, but that’s not the issue - it’s about whether or not I can trust him not to look at other women while he is out on his own,' she had said.‘I don’t want him thinking they’re hot. If you’re in a relationship and you’re happy with your partner, you should only have eyes for that person.’
Mrs Wood,added that her jealousy got worse when the pair moved in together as she tried to monitor Mr Wood’s every move.She installed child-proof filters on his laptop and mobile phone to stop him looking at explicit pictures of women and banned him from watching any television programmes featuring women, even programmes such as The Weakest Link.
‘One night, an advert for a women’s razor came on television and I felt panicky thinking that Steve was eyeing the model up,' 'The only thing that could put my mind at rest was banning him from watching any programmes that have women in them.

‘Now, I won’t even let him watch The Weakest Link in case he fancies Anne Robinson but I’m scared he’ll have a sneaky look when I’m in another room.
‘That’s why I decided to order the lie detector online. It was my only way of knowing for sure if Steve’s eyes were wandering. In general, he’s quite truthful but I have caught him lying a few times about looking at other women.’
Mrs Wood said:
‘My jealousy has driven me to breaking point and sometimes I’ve thrown stuff across the room. ‘I put Steve through a lot but he’s stood by me through it all so I know he’s the man for me. I think lots of women out there must be suffering from the same condition and just not realise it.

‘I think it’s because of the pressure society puts on us to look a certain way - to be stick thin with blonde hair and big boobs. I’m lucky my partner is so understanding - others might not be so fortunate.’
Mr Wood admitted life with his partner could be tough - but insisted she was worth it.
‘Sometimes, I get nervous and the lie detector test results come back inconclusive because my heart is hammering, which makes Debbi doubt me. I just have to tell her I haven’t cheated and pray she believes me. 'I’m willing to put up with it, because I know we’re soulmates. She’s so special to me and a bit of jealousy here and there won’t change that.’
The couple now fill their time with playing on games consoles.She was prescribed anti-anxiety medication and also underwent therapy to deal with her issues.

Culled from Daily Mail

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