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Spirit made me cut my neigbour's throat with Knife - Suspect

You remember the story i posted HERE yesterday about a woman who slit her neighbours throat over an argument? well the woman has blamed it on spirits..40-year-old woman, Helen Okeke, aka Mama Chinedu,who was accused of slitting her neighbour’s throat with a knife in the Ikota, Ajah area of Lagos State, said she never knew that Rosemary died until when she was arrested by the police.
On Wednesday last week, Rosemary, who was reportedly preparing for her wedding, returned home and observed that the clothes she spread on her door had been soiled with urine.She was said to have suspected Okeke and reported to the landlady who pacified her.
However, some minutes after meeting with the landlady, neighbours were said to have been jolted by a sudden cry for help.
Okeke was alleged to have slit Rosemary’s neck with a knife during a brawl and was found with a blood-stained knife at the scene of the crime.Rosemary was said to have died on her way to the hospital..
During a chat with our correspondent on Monday, Okeke, who works as a cleaner, said it was not the first time she would have a quarrel with Rosemary.She said, 

“I have been living in that house for more than two years. The first time we fought, she shone her torch on me and I queried why she did that. She then hit me with the torch, and that was how we fought.
“The landlady, Alhaja, never gave me any quit notice as she claimed. I was even the one preparing to leave the apartment because it was too small for me.”
Okeke said the victim had challenged her to a fight on the fateful day while she was in her room.
She said she never wanted to come out until “a spirit” entered into her room and pushed her out.
She said, 
“On that day, she carried a bucket of water and stood in front of my room saying I should come out if I know I was woman enough.
“I had just returned from where I went to buy bread and was inside my room. I did not want to come out.
“But a spirit just entered into my room and entered me. I was shaking uncontrollably and that was when I went out.“I took a bucket of water and poured it on the floor in front of my room. But Rosemary poured her bucket of water on me, and that was when the fight started.”
She said in the ensuing scuffle, she found a knife in front of her room.
“I cannot explain what happened next. I have never had this kind of experience in my life. It was while I was at the police station that they said she was dead.
“I need forgiveness from Rosemary and her family. I want people to learn from my example that fighting is not good,” she said.


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