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Campus Couple’s Life among Nigerian Students

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Those of you that are in tertiary institutions will not find my topic new because it is something that is very common among undergraduates in our tertiary institutions of now adays.  To those of you that still don’t get it, let me break it down a bit. Campus Couples life is a situation whereby two lovers that are not officially married are living together as husband and wife on campus. Sometimes they live together in the school hostel or designated student’s buildings from year one through final year.

The lady who plays the role of a semi wife, satisfy her male Lover sexually like wives does to husband, clean the room, cook, do the dishes, wash her clothes as well as that of her Lovers. Infact she does virtually all what married women does to their husband.  

If as a Lady, your parent sent you to higher institution to go and brighten your future and you are camping with one “Bros” whom you claim you are dating then I sorry for you. Of cause It is not an abomination to visit a guy you are dating, but it is highly unethical and unacceptable to me as a person for you as a lady to be living with a guy on campus. 

If you are living with him, definitely he will be having sex with you at will, you will be responsible for his welfare just like how wives are responsible for their husband’s welfare. This is what Yoruba people call “Ase danu” don’t ask me the meaning because I don’t know how to translate that in English. Wink. 

So as I was saying, if you have already “dashed” yourself to one guy on campus who is using you as he likes, what made you think that same guy will put a ring on that finger? Am not preaching here, neither am I some sort of relationship counselor even though people assume me to be one, but let us just face the fact and say the truth when the need arises. 

If you are living with him on campus, when will you have time for your studies? Because let assume both of you woke up in the morning, you went to prepare breakfast, he goes to take his bath, by the time he’s through, you are done with breakfast before you will have your own bath, he has probably eaten and has gone for his own lecture.  You managed to eat too and then you go for your own lectures. 

When you both returned probably in the evening from class, you as the girl will start preparing dinner, after that you will both eat; at night again he will wake you up because he will want to dig into your “honey pot”
During weekend where there is no class, you as the girl will do the washing, cleaning and ironing before the week ahead. 

This is a typical scenario of the life of students who live as couples on campus.

If you are living on campus with a guy like this, when will you have time to study for text, exams and other academic activities? 

And then after the guy finished sucking you dry and then he dumps you like some pile of trash, you will start swearing at him and saying all men are the same abi? Smh.

I have not heard of any student that lived on campus as couples who got married before. Why will the guy marry you self? When he has dug into your honey pot countless number of times without him paying a shishi, why will he then go and pay a bride price on a girl who lived with him on campus for years as his campus wife?

If Married men gets tired of having sex with their wives years into the marriage, why will a guy gets married to you when he has had sex with you FREE OF CHARGE for years and he is now obviously tired of you?
We the guys are cunny, I used “We” so that no one will see me as a saint. A guy will persuade his woman to move into his house despite the fact that he has not performed any marital rite on her. If the girl is gullible, she will move in. immediately she moves in, the same guy that cajoled her into moving in with him will start seeing her as a cheap girl.

Let me tell you, Guys likes hard girls. Even though most guys will say am tired of this your antagonizing attitude, they will still stick with you like glue because it is that your antagonizing attitude that is making them fall crazily in love with you. 

A lady should be able to stand on her words and take some decisions in her relationship. If you allow a guy to make all decisions in your relationship, then your ending with that same guy you are worshiping might turn out to be an eye sore. I rest my case.

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