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Comedian Moran Cee Narrates Encounter with Pastor Turned Mad Man in Lagos

Moran Cee is one of Nigerians Finest entertainer.. He is an entertainer in all aspect but i think he majors in comedy.. He also spear head the popular comedy court. His love for investigative photo journalism drove him to allegedly have an interview with a mentally derailed man. See photo and what he wrote about his encounter with the mentally impaled man after the cut as culled from his facebook wall.

"My passion for investigative photo Journalism drove me to this.As I moved towards Egbeda-LASU road in the morning today. Just before ponle bus stop, I sighted a mad man busy writing on a wall along the road. I wanted to stop to find out what he was writing but changed my mind as I continued to Egbeda bus stop. 

My inquisitive mind was restless, so I asked my friend to park while I trekked back to look for the spot I sighted the mad man. I picked my camcorder and whispered silent prayers within me not to miss the mad man in action as i wanted to capture him with my lens against all odds. I finally got there and was happy he was still busy writing. I zoomed my lens from afar and summoned the courage to move closer. 

I checked his writeup on the wall and could read all he wrote. He said he wanted to reveal himself to the world as the Elijah that would form a new government. I struck up a conversation with him and he started talking, speaking in fluent crystal clear English which showed that he was probably a preacher before running mad! I turned on my camcorder and started recording him on the road. 

People across the streets looked on in surprise how the mad man cooperated with me and responded to my questions (Maybe my own spirit subdued his.Hahaha) Some passersby might think it was a movie. I abruptly concluded my recording when I asked him of his name and he spoke authoritatively that "I contain tones of names, that means I contain many names". Immediately, my mind raced back to the bible story of "Jesus casting evil spirit away from the demoniac " where the man claimed his name was LEGION cos "We are many". 

After my encounter and interaction with the mad man today, I discovered that he might be a preacher whose quest for more power drove him into spiritism or mysticism which affected his brains. How could a man claim to be a man of all Languages, the last Adam from God that has come to establish his government and kingdom on earth as mentioned in the book of Revelations? That is pure hallucination and CRAZY thoughts! He mentioned Don Moen in his write up. Madness in another dimension"

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