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Men are Cheats, Men are Liars! Who’s Fault?

Ladies are quick to say “All Men are Cheats and Liars” but truth still remain that there are still lot of good men out there despite the ladies accusation on all men. Ladies, You say all men are cheats, whose fault? 
Most Ladies of now adays no longer fancy and want guys that are Homely, Not Authoritative, Respect their woman, show their woman true and genuine Love, Show them true care and Feelings. All they crave for now adays are hard guys.  Guys that have the money. Even though the guy turns them into a punching bag, they will still stick there because of the money. 

If a guy believes all what his woman tells him even though he knows she is lying and cheating on him, he always settles misunderstanding amicably and peacefully with his woman, most girls will tag such guys fools. They prefer the ones that will beat them blue black for cheating on them, they prefer the ones that will seize their phone for picking a guys call in their presence, they prefer the ones that will be monitoring their every move like “Monitoring Spirit” 

Most Girls don’t like guys that will be like “Baby, there is this powerful empowerment programme organized by my church that I would want both of us to attend”. They will tag such guys “Holy Holy” They most time prefer guys that will call them on a Friday evening and would be like “Am going clubbing tonight, why not come over lets club together”  

They most time don’t like a guy that is not too much into sex. Even though most ladies claim they don’t like sex, most of them will dump a guy over and over again when he is not sexually capable on bed. And then when you ask them why they left the guy, they’ll fabricate a lie whereas it is because of the sex!
A guy that has not gotten married to you or has no intention of marrying you is respecting your body by not requesting sex from you or he is having sex with you once or twice a month. He knows he won’t marry you and that is why he does not want to deform you with sex. But you on the other hand is complaining that he is not man enough. You are saying he is a “1 minute man”. Ladies most time prefer guys that will be having sex with them left, right, centre at every given opportunity. A guy that has no intention of marrying you is having sex with you, 3-4 times a week and you are not complaining. After you become too wide, he dumps you for a fresh girl with a tight Vag and then you start cursing on him that he used and dumped you. Please spare me the insults, you should curse yourself for allowing yourself to be used!.

Some ladies will visit their guy, when it’s getting dark, the guy will be like “Baby, it’s getting late, let me see you off, I don’t want you to get into any trouble with your people because of me” they will tag such guys a weakling. They most time prefer the ones that will cajole them until its late and then the guy will tell them “Baby  night don come o, kukuma spend night with me na, why not call your people and tell them a lie”? Then the girl self go carry her phone and then will call her parent that she is either going to a night vigil from her friend house or she will spend the night at her friends house because its late already.
By the time this guy finished sucking this girl to his satisfaction and after teaching her all the relationship lying techniques, he latter dumps her, the girl will start saying the guy used and dumped her, she will say the guy deceived her. Hello! Nobody deceived you. You allowed yourself to be deceived and cheated on. Latter onwards she will say all men are the same. All men are not the same. The fact that all men have d!cks does not make all men the same. 
Am not saying all these to justify the ill treatment some guys meant on their girls, am just analyzing the genesis of how most girls allows themselves to be used and dumped by guys with their eyes wide open and brains at alert. 

Any Male that does not have conscience is not worthy to be called a man. You are dating a guy that always tries his best to teach you the best of manners so that you can become an ideal woman tomorrow even if he won’t marry you, you are complaining. Tomorrow you’ll dump him that he is “Mr. Know all, or he is too blunt” just like most girls will tell me. Is it not better he hurts you with the ugly truth all the time than for him to be telling you lies all the time just for him to continue digging into your honey pot? 

Most time when some of my readers having relationship issue shares their experience with me, I most time channel all my blame on the person that was dumped and not the person who dumped. 

One of my friends over here once told me that his girl told him that he should be beating her anytime she misbehaves so that she will be afraid of him. When he told me I was like “guy, that girl is obviously looking for whom to kill her” because I see no reason why someone in her right senses will utter such statement. 

Lets do the analysis, if my friends acts according to her will, and then he starts beating her any time she misbehaves and then in the process of beating her, he either pulls off some of her teeth or blind her left eye with blows and then latter he dumps her because her tooth or eye is not complete, she will start swearing on him abi? She will say “he is the one that did this to me, now he does not want me right”

You are dating a guy, you got pregnant for him, he gave you money for aborting, you aborted it, latter again, you got pregnant, he gave you money for abortion again, you foolishly aborted again. You still continued with him and then after the fifth or sixth abortion, you got your womb damaged and then latter the guy dumps you because he said he cannot marry a girl that does not have a womb and then you started swearing on him… Hello Sister, Such swears are not effective. Did the guy put a rope across your neck to go under the knife for him? okay lets assume the first pregnancy was a mistake, the second, third and forth one nkor? are those ones too mistakes? Is it not foolish to repeat the same mistake over and over again? 

Most good guys of now adays are not lucky with relationship not because they cannot maintain a relationship but because their good nature will not allow them to lie, deceive or cheat on a girl they love but unfortunately most girls of now adays don’t want these kinds of guys and that is why they keep getting emotionally traumatized, used and dumped like a piece of trash because the good ones are right in their front but because they see him as “Mr. too good” or “Mr. Holly Holly” they will choose the next guy whom they like because he is a “whats up” guy with lots of swags and then when the “whats up guy” deforms them both emotionally and physically that is when they will remember they have a male friend that they will cry on their shoulder. That is when they will remember that good guy that came to them with a good intention back then and they refused him because they tagged him “Mr. too good”. 

I know when someone is in love, they will do a whole lot of crazy things, they will do a whole lot of sacrifice for their lover but there is a difference between making a sacrifice for your Lover and When you are allowing yourself to be used by a guy you are dating. 

When going into a relationship as a lady, take your brains along with you. Most ladies now adays forget their brains at home and only goes into a relationship with their heart and that is why they most time make the wrong choice. If you go and get yourself used and dumped as a lady then you have no right to say all men are cheats, all men and decisive, all men are liars because who’s fault?

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