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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - Alone at the Office with My Madam Daughter

I work on the island as a sec, am bi-sexual…I derive joy in a fellow girls pu*ssy than a guys d!ck.. that’s my kind of person. I work directly with my madam and she is a young beautiful woman in her early fifties. Am 25 with a curve that can give any man a run for their money. 

Seeing my madam face everyday is so so boring, but the pay is good so I have no choice but to stay. Yes I forgot, it’s an  Estate Agency firm.. My Madam does most of the outing while I do all the sitting at the office. 

She normally resumes around 10 or 11am daily. Since we have free wifi, I will just quickly log on to any porn site to watch some porn and when I feel that my pant is soaked wet, I will lock the door, shift my pant aside and I will start fingering myself. Once I cum, I will go to the toilet to wash up and then return to the reception where I will wear my heavy fragrance to ward off the cum scent.

One day my madam came to the office with a young girl, the girl should be around 20-23 years, she was damn gorgeous, she has this curvy, slim waist, big hips and hot straight legs.. she wore a short pencil skirt on a long heels.. while I was gazing at her after greeting my madam, she said “Yes, Ada Meet my Daughter Dora” I smiled at her and she greeted me as then she followed my madam back to the office.

Around 12 noon, my madam came out with her daughter Dora to the reception, I thought they were going and then my madam said “Ada you look after Dora while I go meet Alhaji for our Cheque” I smiled and said “Okay Ma” Alhaji Buwa is actually one of our biggest client. My madam does not joke with him at all.

Dora sat down while I was facing my official laptop pretending to be typing a document, I will be stealing a glance at her every now and then, I feel hot on the inside because nothing more will give me joy other than to fu*ck Dora with my Dildo and tongue. But I was kinda scared because I don’t know if Dora is also into the Ladies. I managed to start a conversation and it clicked.

While I was discussing with her, I started deviating to sex topic, I felt the reluctantness on her face but I was persistent. So what if she is my madam daughter? If she falls for my antics, trust me I will fu*ck her. I left my sit and then I went to sit closer to her and I whispered to her ear “You are hot and beautiful” she smiled at me and said “you look good too” 

And then I said to myself “we are getting there” I need to take my chance before her mum returns from Alhaji’s office, then I pressed further by asking her what colour of panty and bra she like. She said she is likes purple and I immediately said wow, I love purple too, even though deep down in me my fav colour is blue I had to pretend to love purple since I have a plan. Luckily for me I was wearing a see through purple pant that day and I said to her “would you like to see my purple designer panty”? 

She said, If you are willing to show me why not and then I said wow, I moved to the door, keyed it to avoid unnecessary interruption. i led her to our spacious office toilet which also has a bathtub, I told her to sit at the edge of the bathtub and she did. I moved infront of her and I gently moved my tight fithed skirt up and then she opened her mouth in amazement because my pant was a see through, she saw my fat camel toe and was amazed. She said to me, you are sexy. 

Without wasting more time, I know my charm has caught her so I told her, would you like to show me yours? She was like “errrm, actually, errrm” and I told her “shhhhhhhhhh” I made her sit comfortable on the bathtub and then I rolled up her pencil skirt and I found out the front of her panty is already wet. I shifted her G-string aside and her wetness was overwhelming. I wanted to stick my finger inside and she said “Please don’t, you can do anything but don’t go all the way down my pu*ssy” and I asked softly “why” and she said “because am a virgin” and I said “wow” alright no prob. I started licking her clit slowly and gently while I use my other hand to rub the top of her pu*ssy.

I sucked and sucked till she started moaning, she was going to cum, “she said, take off your head, am about to explode” and I mumbled “cum in my mouth” I was eating her vigorously until I felt her sticky fluid gushing out of her tight virgin pu*ssy.

I turned over with my pu*ssy facing her face and she started fingering me, fews mins after she started fingering and sucking me, we heard a car horn, oh dear, it was my madam, Thankgod we are at the last floor, we quickly cleaned up, sprayed the toilet with an air freshener and then we returned to the reception. 

Her mum came in 2 mins latter and then she told Dora, go and get my bag from my office, we are going home and then she hand me the cheque she went to collect, “go and pay that in latter” she told me.

Till today myself and Dora still communicate and meet up once in a while for hot steamy fu*ck. Even though I’ve stopped working with her mum long time ago cause I wanted to start my own business, it did not affect our relationship. 

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