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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – First Day at the Gym with the Gym Instructor

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It’s another beautiful day, and am here with another hot erotic gist. Yesterday I published two erotic gist, if you missed it, see them below, click on any of them to read.

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I am this kind of girl that like to fu*ck only cute guys, don’t get it twisted; If you are not handsome I won’t allow you to taste my honey pot. Am just obsessed with cute guys. I don’t know why.

Sitting at home during the long x-mas holiday is too boring, so I decided to register for a gym class to burn down some fat since am adding weight almost on a daily basis. My friend Biola whom has been patronizing this Gym class somewhere on the island recommended it for me and that Saturday my friend and I drove to the gym.

I discovered all the attendees are all ladies; even the owner of the Gym is a lady too, only the Gym Instructor is a male, so my friend told me. After registration and every other formality, I was asked to resume the upper week.

Next week came and I drove down to the gym, expecting to meet Biola there, the only person I saw was the Gym Instructor. Immediately I saw him I know he is my spec. he is tall, fair, handsome and got a nice physique that any girl can die for. Now I know why only the ladies attend the Gym class.

He saw me and said “Hi, are you new”? and I managed to reply while lost in his gaze “Yeah am new, I registered last week. And he said “it appears you came rather too early” and I said “Am i? it’s five after eight already, the bulletin I got last week says, Gym class starts by 8:am and end by 11:am. He smiled and said “Most of the ladies resumes around 9:30-10am, you know Nigeria and Africa time. Feeling a bit disappointed I managed to ask, so that means I will have to wait for the rest to resume? And he said no, we can get started right away. And I said where will I start from? And he said “we will start with stretching, put down your luggage’s”

I wore a dark soft skin tight speedo without any panty Undernet.. I don’t like wearing panty in trousers, it makes me feel uncomfortable. So after spreading the gym mat, he made me to lie down facing the ceiling and he raised one of my legs and then he gently started bending it forward, he dropped it and did the same to the second leg, I nearly lost my balance and while he tried balancing me, his second hand mistakenly landed on my crotch and he immediately removed his hand and said “Am really sorry madam, it was a mistake” and I replied “It’s nothing” the feeling of his hands touching my camel toe filled my mind as it immediately turned me on.

After we finished with the leg stretch, he told me to lie down on my belly, stretch my two hands forward and then he said “Madam I will have to go on your back, I don’t know if you will be comfortable with that” I said just do what you have to do, you are my instructor so no need asking me for permission. He gently spread my two legs and he sat in between my legs, he leaned forward to hold my two hands and I felt his soft d!ck touching my butt. That feeling sent me to cloud nine, maybe am feeling this way because I had sex about 8 months ago.

He held my two hands and then he started stretching me back and forth while he is still sitting at my back. Wanting to turn him on, I pushed backward so that the feeling of his d!ck will be on my butt. While we were at this, I started noticing his d!ck becoming hard and he immediately got up and said “Madam lets switch to another style, this style might lead to something else, am really sorry, I feel so embarrassed right now”
By this time his d!ck is rocket hard and I can see his huge bulge wanting to tear off his tight gym suit. Not wanting to miss this opportunity I got up and then I moved closer to him and whispered “it’s a natural thing, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it.”

I grabbed his huge bulge and he said “what are you doing” and I said “shhhhhhhhh” I dragged him to a corner of the gym, pinned him to the wall and I started winning and twisting my huge butt over and over his hard bulge.

I can fell him getting hard and harder, it 8:30am already and not wanting to loose out, I pulled off his trouser and his huge monster d!ck pooped out, breathing heavily as if it was just released from a tight prison.

I went on my knees and then I started sucking and milking him dry as he moan arrrrrrrgh, arssssh, he held my head and he started fuck*ing my mouth. I couldn’t get enough of his meat in my mouth because he is damn so huge, not wanting to waste more time, I pulled my skin tight and he was amazed to see my baled honey pot.

He started licking and fingering me from behind and I could not take it any longer, I told him “please fu*ck me” and he held his huge d!ck and led it to the mouth of my wet pu*ssy. Slowly and gently I felt him pushing his monster into me and he started pounding me from behind slowly, he later increased the speed and I can feel his balls tapping my clit.
He continued fuck*ing me the doggy style and he made a deep penetration as he moaned “arrgh” I felt his dick touch my womb, I felt both pain and sweetness mixed together, I have never had such a big black  mamba before. I felt his body getting stiff as he managed to say “am about to cum” and I moaned “cum in me baby”

Before I could finish my sentence I felt his hot fluid rush deep down my pu*ssy as he moaned softly. He pulled out and was about going in to clean up and I asked where to? And he said “we need to clean up before the rest members starts coming in” and I told him, not so fast, I am yet to cum. I held his d!ck, sat him in one of the gym chair and I sat on his dick… I started bouncing up and down his d!ck like a yoyo. I was doing it rhythmically and I felt my pu*ssy contracting, we both came the same time, I sat there for few seconds, to take all his cum deep down in me before getting up.

I told him to show me the gym bathroom which he did and when I went there to wash up, I found out that my pu*ssy was agape. Three of my fingers can enter my Pu*ssy without me feeling any pain unlike before that if I finer myself with just one finger I feel pains.

Any way, no need to worry, it will soon close and return to its original size.  Anytime I need a hot fu*ck I come to the gym early.

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  1. I'm beginning to suspect my girlfriend that turns up early at the gymnasium but drags when it's getting to time for church service.

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