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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – How Shalewa the Bread Seller almost killed me with Early Morning Sex

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As a Bachelor, I live in a Boys quarter in one of the rented apartment in Agege. Those of you that live in Lagos will know that Agege is a very rowdy area.. Apart from the Noise emanating from Mashalashi Alhaja Market, The motorist too polluted us with their noises every now and then. Since I work around Ojodu Berger am not always at home, else during weekend.

One Saturday Morning I woke up feeling really horny. It is normal for men to wake up with hardon but the one I was feeling that Saturday was something else.

While I yawned and staggered to balance my feet on the floor, I heard “Oni Breadi ti de ooooo” that must be Shalewa the Bread seller. Most time it is her noise that wakes some of us up. Sometimes she starts selling bread as early as 6:am in the morning and that was how she will be shouting “Era Breadi oooooo, Oni Breadi ti de oooooo” I opened my window and I saw her hawking her wares. I whistled and then I beacon on her to come, she replied “Se kin wa” meaning should I come? I told her yes.

Since my apartment is at the back of the building, I can habour a girl in my room for a week without my other tenant knowing because my apartment is at the backyard. When she came, she greeted me “Ekaro sir” and  ireplied “Bawo ni” and then she said “Bread ele lo le fe” meaning “How much bread do you need” I replied her give me 70 naira own. And then she said “Se kin fi butter si”? meaning should I add butter? And I said no.

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She tied a wrapper, its not new, most of the girls in Agege always like tying wrapper. Wanting to try my luck with her since I am horny I asked her “Oko yin nkor” meaning “How is your husband” and she replied “Emi o ti l’oko o” meaning am not yet married.

And I said but you be fine girl o, shey you go marry me? And then she smiled and said “marry you ke” no be like dat dem dey marry wife na. if you want marry me, you go come see my people.

And then my d!ck came at attention again, that is what I”ve been experiencing since I got up, my d!ck will just got erect for some mins and then it will go down again. Immediately she saw my huge bulge in my boxers she said “Ki le leyi” meaning “what is this”? and I replied her “Oko ni” meaning it is a D!ck. I further told her, you want tell me say you never fu*ck before, you be virgin? And then she became mute. 

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I told her to come in and keep me company a bit and she said “fimi le o, jare” if I come inside go sit don with you, my bread nkor? Who go buy my bread? And then I told her, how much be all the bread? And she replied all of them na three thoson fife hundred naira pere. And I told her, I go pay for everything, enter inside na, and then she stretched her hand and said “where the money? If you no give me the money I no go enter inside. I opened my wallet and then I gave her four pieces of a thousand note and she smile and said “ore me” meaning “my friend” she carried her tray of bread inside and then I looked left and right not wanting anybody to see her entering my room, I bolted my door and then I closed my curtains.

As a bachelor my bed is on the rug so she sat on the bed. I then started caressing her, I removed her blouse and her huge b00bs pooped out, wow, I started sucking and chewing on her nippl*es like a hungry child sucking his mama’s breast. If I suck one for some mins, she will offer me the second one to suck. 

By this time, my mamba was super hard. I have never had such a hard on before. I tore my boxer aside, and then I started losing her wrapper, the wrapper came down and I found out that Shalewa wore no pant. The thought of that alone made my dick gushing out my slippery pre-cum.

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I told her “Se omo Oko la” meaning “Do you know how to suck d!ck” and she said “Da da” meaning “very well” She went on her knees and then she started sucking me as she teases my balls, I was moaning like an idiot as my legs become so weak and shaky. Before I know what, I exploded in her mouth and like a porn star she swallowed all my cum. 

She pushed me onto the bed and then she climbed on top of me, she was fuck*ing me like crazy “All I was muttering was “shhh shhh sha shhaaaa shalewa ema pami fun mummy mi o” meaning “Shalewa don’t kill me for my mum”

I just lied down there as she kept bouncing and bouncing on my d!ck as if she wants to break it. She pulled out and then she started sucking my d!ck again to make it rocket hard again and my d!ck answered the call as she shove my dick down her super wet pu*ssy again

She was pounding me so hard, she was fuck*ing me as if she was raping me. She held my two hands so tight on the bed while she continued bouncing on my dick. 

While I was at this I felt her squeezing her pu*ssy tight and then she started moaning harder. Before I could say jack, she came so hard while my d!ck was still in her, I can see her thick slippery cum oozing out of her pu*ssy but yet she continued riding me while I lied there on the bed like a sacrificial goat.

Fews minutes later, I came the second time in her and then she started licking my nipples, that sensation alone made my d!ck hard again and then she asked me “Shey make we do again” and I replied “No, we go do another time” within me I was like “This girl want kill me with fu*ck early dis morning o, who send me” I staggered up from the bed and then I gave her a tissue which she used to wipe herself. She asked if I have perfume and I said yes. I handed her my bottle of “smart” perfume and then she sprayed herself. 

Then she told me “Shey make I giv you my number so that anytime you fit call me” and I managed to say “yes” she collected my phone and then she saved her number” she said to me “Oya help me carry my bread for my head” I helped her and then she said “Odi aro” meaning “see you latter” and then she left.

I sat on the bed still naked and I was like “No wonder, so na like dis Shalewa be? No wonder Papa Kamoru my neighbor always buys bread from Shalewa only  when his wife has traveled to Ibadan, So apart from bread Shalewa dey sell her to*to too”

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I went to the bathroom to freshen up and immediately the cold water touched my d!ck I felt this sharp pain and then I looked at my dick, My dick was so red and the cap has peeled too, infact I had bruises all over my dick and then I began to wonder, is it the hotness of Shalewa pu*ssy that roasted my d!ck or it was as a result of the rough sex? I Managed to take my bath in pains and then went to lie down.

I Woke up around 4 in the evening that day and I started feeling pains all over my body as if all the Agbero at Agege market gather me beat.

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  1. Wow, there are so many Shalewas out there. Good for early morning fucks. Make I no catch any of them o, or else them go know se I be Omo Calabar.