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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Quickie Encounter with Ekaite the Calabar House Girl

I work with a company that specializes in helping people move their goods or household stuff from one pace to the other. I’ve been in this job for three years now.  I Have had different sexual escapade since I started this job especially with house girls.

On this particular day, my boss told me that one of our clients bought a house on the island and was moving out of Festac. I went about my job as usual, moved the big stuff into the truck and drove down to the house in Lekki. 

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When we got there, we met only the gateman and cook at home. We quickly moved in the furniture, bed stand and some other heavy stuff after which we became very tired and decided to rest while we wait for the madam of the house to return.

The cook came in greeted us and immediately I know she is a calabar girl. She has this petite look but very busty. She took pity on us and decided to make us a quick bite. It was lust at first sight; I was no longer tired and hungry. Instead of my stomach, it was my d!ck that became hungry,  In fact I immediately had the strength of 10 men by just gazing at Ekaite as she swing her buttocks while going to the kitchen to make us a quick meal. From my inner eye, I knew she had no bra on because her Nipples were pooping out of the top she wore.

Not wanting to dull my self I told my second “Guy I dey come” and he replied me “Where you dey go”? and I said “Relax I say I dey come” and he said “Hope say no be wetin you do that house girl for Ikeja for where we go work last week you want do for here self o”? and I said to him “Mind your business Oga Ade”

I tip-toed to the back of the house, went to the kitchen window and I saw her warming an Afang soup as she sing a calabar song. She bent down to pick something and from the window I can see her smooth Laps, I hit my head to make sure I was not dreaming. I summoned courage and then I whistled to her from the window and then she came to the window. She asked me politely “Wetin apen” and I told her, “As I see you now now, I just fall in love with you” give me your love small na. And she laughed and laughed. I told her, you no go let me enter? And she said, wetin you want come do for kitchen? I told her, let me enter first, e get wetin I want tell you, she said okay and then she opened the second kitchen door for me through the backyard.

When I got into the kitchen, my d!ck became hard but since I was wearing a semi tight jean trouser and a T-shirt, my bulge is not visible, I told her, let me help you small na as I went to her back and then I deliberately brushed my hard dick against her ass pretending to want to help her carry the spoon. Immediately she felt my hard d!ck on her ass, she stepped aside and said “Na wetin be dat strong thing we just touch my bumbum now now? And I managed to say “Na my tin” She kept mute as she stared at my bulge and told me “You want do” and I replied immediately “Yes I want do” and she said again “You sabi do well well” by this time I can feel my pre-com oozing out of my erect d!ck begging to be freed from the grip of my tight jean trouser. I told her, “I sabi do well well” and she said to me ‘Oya make we do quick quick before my madam go come back”

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She went to the widow, closed it, bolted the two kitchen door, raised her skirt up and shifted her panty aside as she face the kitchen table, shifted her ass forward. Mehn, her pu*ssy was slight hairy but do I care? Here I am feeling horny and here is someone offering me a free pu*ssy. I quickly unzip my trouser and then gently I tried sliding in Prick from the back, I could not penetrate her because she was not fully wet, I spat on my palm and then I lubricate my d!ck with the saliva and I got a smooth entry, She moaned as I go deep and deeper into her pu*ssy.

When my d!ck was finally buried in her warm pu*ssy, I started banging her from behind slowly as she moan softly, I latter increased the tempo with force as she screamed “Abasi”  I rammed her like there was no tomorrow, we found ourselves on the floor doing the missionary style and trust calabar gals, she was just too good. After that, she climbed on me and started riding my d!ck while twerking her waist up and down as she bounce up and down on my d!ck. I swear I always knew calabar gals were good but this one was a freak.

I was about Cumming in her when suddenly we heard her madam car horn at the gate, she quickly got up and I messed myself up, all my cum poured on my trouser as if I care, he quickly pushed me out through the kitchen back door and then she started spraying the kitchen with an air freshener. I went to a corner of the backyard, luckily for me I have an handkerchief in my pocket, I quickly brought it out and then cleaned my cum stained jean, I waited a little for the cum to dry before returning to my friend.

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Immediately I sat towards him he sniffed the air and said “wetin dey smell like” and I quickly interrupted him, “Smell Like wetin, Mr. Dog nose” and he kept quite. When the madam parked her car at the garage she beckon on us to come and then she handed us 2k tip each. She told us “Tell your oga I will come and see him tomorrow” and then we said Thank you ma as we exit the compound. While out of the gate I looked at the building and I saw Ekaite in one of the room up stairs, she waved and smiled at me and that gave me an automatic turn on but since I was putting on a jean, my Dog nose of a colleague will not notice that my pe*nis is rocket hard again wanting to taste the warmth of Ekaite pu*ssy the second time . 

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