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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – The New Waitress and I at the Eatery Toilet

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Am a fan of junk food and I never miss an opportunity to put some in my stomach. Of course I work out a lot so you would not notice it. There is this Eatery I frequent in my area and almost all the staffs there know me.

This particular day, I was so hungry after work that I went straight to the eatery and ordered my usual. As I sat down to eat, I noticed one of the staffs face was not familiar to me. I quickly asked about her and I was told she resumed that day. Her name was Bunmi, I beckoned on her as if to ask for something and as she turned to answer me, I almost melted at her sight.

Her breasts were so huge that I could see her nipples pooping out of the waiter uniform. I could tell she was putting on a G-String because her ass was loose. I lost interest in the food and started gazing lustfully at her. My d!ck became so hard that I could not move. I know Yoruba girls are mostly endowed but Bunmi is super endowed.

She came over to me, smiled and asked if I wanted a drink to go with my food and all I could mutter was fu*ck. She noticed my gaze at her b00bs, my hard d!ck and she smiled. I managed to finish my junk meal and went to the toilet to pee. Lo and behold, she was also going to pee at the same time. As if possessed by desire, I grabbed her by the b00bs and kissed her. She pulled back and slapped me as if to say back off, but that only made me want her more. By this time, my d!ck was begging to be set free.

‎With the way she moaned, I could tell she wanted me. I took off her top and i almost fainted at the sight of her breasts. I began sucking on her nipp*les like my life depends on it , she moaned passionately while making her way to ma trousers. She loosened my belt and freed my mamba.

She gasped at the sight of it and quickly began sucking it. I swear, it was the best blowjob I had ever received in my life. We both took turns at giving each other head but I must confess hers was better cause I kept moaning in lust.
After that, with her pu*ssy already wet she went on all fours grabbed my d!ck and put it in her pu*ssy. It was divine. I could stay in here all day I thought. As I was banging her, she kept saying harder, faster, and all sorts of words that till today I still can't remember.

I sat on the toilet bowl and she did a reverse cow girl position, bouncing up and down on my rocket hard d!ck and I almost went mad in ecstasy. The way she moved her hips, I knew she was no novice. I carried her up and with her hands over my shoulders,  I banged her hard like there was no tomorrow. She screamed a couple of times till we both climaxed.

After that, we cleaned up ourselves, went out and acted like nothing happened. I gave her an unusually large tip and she gave me her number. She has since quit the job for a better one but what turned out to be just lunch In an Eatery turned to an unforgettable sexual experience.

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