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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – Alone at Home With Our New House Girl

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Am the only child of my parent and sitting at home while my mum and dad are away is boring like hell. Am in my final year and because my school is closer to our home, I breeze in anytime I want. During one of my breezing in, I saw a girl in her mid twenties, I quickly asked my parent who the girl is and they told me she is our new house help. I was like “ I see” My parent knowing the kind of son they have; told me, especially my mother “Don’t try anything stupid with her because if you do and she gets pregnant be prepared to marry her” that was my mum.

I was like, give me a break mum, I have taste too, how can I go after a house girl? My dad said, “we hope you will not” 

Fast forward to 6 months latter, I started noticing this girl endowment. Should I say she seduced me or it was a mistake? This is what happened, during one of my breezing in, I met the door opened and I walked straight in, thinking my mum is at home I called out to her but there was no reply so I just let that be, climbing up to my room, I heard some sound from the bathroom and wanting to know who is taking a shower that hot noon, I went to the bathroom door and was like “Mum” is that you? And our maid “Obiageli” replied “Na me sir” and I said “food dey house”? she replied from inside “food dey, make I quick quick baff, I go come serve you” and I said okay.

I used Mario speed straight to the dinning, because I can eat a whole elephant that noon because I was damn hungry.

Fast forward to 10 mins latter, “Obi” as we fondly called her came in with a plate of rice, while she was serving me, my eye zoomed at her bosom and what I say instantly turned me on.

She has got this huge ripe b00bs like a watermelon. Since am a sharp guy, I told her “you don chop”? she said “yes” feeling shy. And I said, sit down, she did. I told her “you be fin girl o, you fine well well. And she smiled and was like “oga you mean say I fine? And sensing she was an mgbeke I replied her “you fine like African Queen, infact you fine pass all those girl wey dey my campus” and I pressed further, “you don do dat tin before” and she said, “which tin”?

Shey you want tell me say as you big reach you no know wetin I dey talk? Okay I go show you something wey go let you understand. I told her to lock the palour door and come to my room and she said “oga me I no fit enter your room o. and I asked why. She said “madam say make I no dey enter your room” and I laughed out loud.
I said to her, I want just show you something for my room, nothing else. And she said “show me for here na. To cut the story short, I managed to get her to my room.  I told her to sit and she sat at the extreme end of my bed. I have a DVD and a Flat screen in my bedroom and I told her, I want us to watch one Nigeria film together, I know she like film like crazy. Can’t remember the number of times she has burnt our food forgetting herself while watching Africa Magic.

I slot in a hot Bluefilm and , went back on the bed and hit the play button on the remote. The film came up and she was like “wetin be dis”? which kind film be dis? And I told her na big boys and big girls films be dis na. if you never watch dis kind film naim be say you no be big girl be dat” and she said, “you mean am”? and I replied “Ehen na”
She said, but dis film dey make my body do me one kind, and since my mission was to turn her on and fu*ck her silly I told her “How your body dey do you”? and she said “I no just know” 

I gently went to my door, bolted It and then I moved closer to her, I touched her breast and she was like “No joor” and I replied, “you want tell me say you never do am before”? she went mute and I started caressing her huge b00bs. She wore a gown and while caressing her boobs, I used one hand to part her laps apart and I gently started caressing her laps, I tried pulling off her gown and she refused.

Slowly and gently I started getting closer and closer to her pu*ssy, I shifted her panty aside and I slide one finger inside and she pushed my finger from her pussy and said “You no know say  e edey pain”? and with my dried throat I managed to tell her “sorry”
To my surprise she got up, pulled off her panty, unzip her flowing gown and then she went and lied at the middle of the bed facing the other side while she backed me with her bare ass, damn this girl is endowed. Not  wanting to lose this opportunity, I tore my boxer aside, tear off a piece of condom and from behind I slide my 8 inch d!ck into her super wet Pu*ssy and she moaned. She said “small small, e dey pain me”

To say the truth her pu*ssy is the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked. After banging her from behind, I climbed on top of her and I started pounding her the missionary style.
I felt her holding unto me tightly and then I know she is about to explode, she came so damn hard on my bed while I was still pounding her. Her cunt became so soaked and slippery that I can hear the rhythm of my thrusting in and out. 
I used my both hands to shift her thigh aside as I slide in deep and deeper, I can see the pain mixed with sweetness on her face as she bit her lips. 

I came deep in her and I pulled out. Tada! I had my condom on, we quickly cleaned up before my mum and dad returned. And that was how “Obiageli” turned to my girlfriend. I latter started developing feeling for her and knowing fully well that my parent will not allow me to marry her, I made her pregnant and they were left with no other option. 


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