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See Reason why most Igbo Men Practices Late Marriage and Allow their Wife’s to always Follow them to the shop

So I was discussing with this Igbo Man whom I so much have regards for during the week and I asked him two major questions whose are; 

  • Why do most Igbo Men likes to get married late?

  • Why do most igbo men likes running their businesses with their wife?

These are the two puzzled questions I asked him because it baffles me when you will hear that the first child of some 45 year old igbo men is 3 or 4 year old. And I will be like “Kilode”?

He told me these;

Jb, an Average Igbo man comes from a poor background and they believe the moment they get’s married, they will find it very difficult to plan or embark on any project, hence they prefer to toil hard to break that yoke of poverty before they finally settle down.  He also said igbo’s practices Extended Family the most in Nigeria, why because after toiling from January to December and you decided to go home to see your people, their Uncles or Aunts will come with their sons or daughters to take to the city with them to train.
Whether they like it or not they must carry some body, Even though you tell them na okirika you dey sell for Ikeja Along, dem go say make you still carry one person follow body come lagos, if you refuse, wahala go tie wrapper. Dem go begin start to dey do Family and village meeting for your head.  If after the family and village meeting you still refuse to take someone with you to the city, they will start making you feel like an outcast anytime you visit home. He was like when you visit home and you mistakenly send a small boy on an errand, what the little boy will tell you is this “Kaun get a way you there you this useless man, you have been staying in lagos for 5 years now, what have you done for your family? See you sister dey wear tear tear cloth for village and you call yourself Lagos peron, Na only God know weda no be their destiny you dey use self” he was like the little boy will drain you with insult and you dare not touch him, because if you do, the whole villagers will come for you and they will start asking you if all what the little boy told you is not true.  That is why no matter how small an Igbo man shop is, he will always have a small boy helping him at the shop. Once you ask him, “Oga na your pikin be dis” he will tell you “No o, na my broda pikin or na my sister pikin or na my uncle pikin”  

On my second question he said;

Even though an average Igbo man may be too money conscious, they don’t have the heart to plan evil on their debtors or give people sleepless night because they are owing them hence; they bring their wife in to manage or help the business grow by cutting off excessive debtors. He also said they want their wife to learn the terrain of the business because anything can happen tomorrow. If the man becomes late tomorrow, the woman will continue with the business so that she can use the proceeds to train their children. 

He also said some igbo tradition is not friendly, if the woman happens to get married into a bad family, once her husband dies, the family people will take over all her husband businesses and properties but even though they take away everything, they cannot take away the experience the woman gathered all through the years she had worked with her late husband, so the business lives on.

So to those of you that will see a 45 year old Igbo man that is still not married and you are calling him a “Shameless man” or you see your Igbo neighbor who just gave birth to their baby 2 months ago, back strapping their baby daily as they follow their husband to the shop, I think you now have an answer.


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