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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – Alone in my Private Hospital Ward with Nurse Janet (Part I)

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‎I Am Chike, the PA to one of the biggest CEO's in Lagos. As you can imagine, my work is very stressful but it also has its perks. My boss could call me at 2:am or 3:am and I know am going to the office. Sometimes while am Fuck*ing the shit out of my numerous booty call, he calls and am like ‎work time.

I don’t complain much because my boss is generous to a fault, he gave me one of his houses at Omole phase 1 while I was building mine, bought me a car as my x-mas gift, trips to different countries and so on. So I had no reason to complain.

It was on one of these numerous trips that I had this experience. I was told to report in our branch office in Calabar for an official duty. As usual, Business class. The driver was sent to pick me and as my custom, I gave him 10k and told him to take a cab back to the office while I drive there cause I love driving.  It normally takes my mind off work.  I Was driving and I had this urge to pull over, I resisted the urge persisted and instead of me to pull over, I increased my speed as I stepped on it. All of a sudden, a lady tried crossing the road and because I was over speeding, I did my best to swerve to avoid hitting her. The car flew off the road, and it landed in a ditch along the highway. Thank God for my seat belt I thought. Next thing I knew, I blanked out. I Woke up in a strange looking place and was so confused and I fainted again.

When I finally woke up the next day, I heard my boss screaming at the doctors telling them his man deserves first class treatment and that I should be moved from the general wing to a private ward. Sarkodie's song “You know say money no be problem” came to my mind. Still feeling dizzy, I slept off again. I woke up later in the day, feeling a bit better and really hungry. I pressed the buzzer in my new private ward and a doctor came in. We exchanged greetings and I asked him what happened to me. He told me the part I knew about the ditch and also that I had a  2 broken ribs and a stitched knee. I sighed and thought to my self, it could have been worse. He then told me I had been sleeping for the past 3 days. I screamed and said my boss will have my head, infact he will fire me, I gotta go as I tried removing the drip needle off my hand and he laughed and told me to calm down that everything had been taken care of. He said that my boss asked for the finest treatment just for me because I was as he said, his greatest asset.

I relaxed a bit, ate my hospital food and took my drugs. Asked the doctor when I would be discharged so I could get back to work and he said in a few days. He kept me company till it was past 7:pm and he said he was going home and that the night duty nurse would attend to me. Darmn! I thought to myself, because most night duty nurses that I know off are unfriendly, infact they are wicked. Sometime they will sleep off and abandoned their patient.  Na die I dey dis night I concluded. But oh boy, I was wrong. I was dead wrong. At about 9:pm, my Private ward door flung open and in stepped the most beautiful nurse I have ever seen with my file in her hand. She introduced herself as nurse Janet and sat beside my bed.

Okay guys lets stop here for today, I will publish the concluding part tomorrow, Cheers!

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