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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – Alone in my Private Hospital Ward with Nurse Janet (Part II)

If you missed the Part I, click HERE to Read it. See the Concluding Part Below;

Call me Janet she told me and she began examining me immediately. Oh Dear, her hands were as soft as a pillow, when she bent to touch my knee, I could see her well shaped b00bs and I felt a hot sensation all round my body. She made as if to bend to the other side and her breasts touched my d!ck and our eyes met. Sorry she apologized and looked away.

She sat down, brought out my file and wrote some things in it. She then asked who I was to the man who came to see me earlier, after the description I told her it was my boss. She was amazed. How can your boss be shouting at everybody just because his staff is in the hospital. What kind of job do you do for him she asked?
Well I do almost everything for him. My work is to make sure his life is less stressful. I arrange his files, select calls for him to receive, go to meetings for him, make up excuses as to why he won't see some certain people or be at a particular gathering and finally I attend conferences on his behalf anywhere in the world. Hun! she said, just you or you and someone else? She queried.  I said it was just me, though the workload is stressful but the reward that comes with it is worth the stress.
 Janet was getting calm and relaxed with me as her hands were moving. I acted like I didn't see her and I kept talking about my job and it's perks. All of a sudden, I stopped because I felt a touch on my d!ck. Her hands were actually on my d!ck and was giving me a hand job. It felt good, but within me I was like “What is she doing? Is anything wrong with my d!ck? is she examining my d!ck? all these were the numerous questions running through my mind. I continued talking about my good life. All of a sudden she turned to me and said, do you ever shut up? I froze as she said that to me. As I was about to answer, she opened her gown and that ended the matter. I became temporary dumb. Her breasts were divine; her hour glass figure did justice to her hips.
Damn I thought, this nurse is drop dead sexy. My d!ck was already erect and was waiting for action. She made me lie on my back, climbed on the bed and began sucking my d!ck, Oh my, her mouth was warm and very accommodating. All of a sudden she stopped. Zipped her gown and was going to the door. I mumbled “Please don’t go”

She stopped at my pleas but continued walking towards the door, feeling down casted I faced my erect d!ck with a sad face. I started hearing some sound; I raised my head up only to see Nurse Janet bolting my private ward door. I never knew that was what she was going to do. She returned to me after bolting the door from the inside and then she continued sucking my d!ck.

After about 20 mins of sucking my d!ck, she shoved her pu*ssy in may face so much that I didn't know when I grabbed her ass, and started eating her pu*ssy. I pushed my face deep down her puss*y to eat it deep.

Arrrrrghhhhhh, Aissshhhhh,  she moaned silently,  I din’t stop. I kept on eating her puss*y till she became wet all over. By this time, my pre-cum was already oozing out of my hard d!ck. My d!ck was covered with thick veins due to its super erect nature. Since I was not fully fit, she climbed on top of me, Put my d!ck in her puss*y and she started riding me hard. I thought my d!ck would break.

We both kept moaning together softly while she rode me ferociously. All of a sudden, I got up, removed the drip needle from my hand, bent her over and then I started banging her puss*y from behind. Damn this feels so good fuck*ing a nurse the doggy style I said to myself. This only happens in Mojo but this is not blue film but reality.
Harder she kept saying and I obliged. Babe she said bang me another style. I knew I was done for that night. I Laid her on the floor and I started to fu*ck her the missionary style. It was like I was drilling a bore hole because during each thrust, I feel my d!ck sinking deep and deeper into her pu*ssy. I was literally on drugs that night. The drugs for Strength I had been taking also helped boost my strength that night.
Harder I kept banging her. Next, she hung her legs over my shoulder and I started Fuck*ing again with her two legs on my shoulder. She moaned so much I thought the other nurses would hear us. Pls don’t stop she said, I love your d!ck, it feels me up, It makes me feel so good. I fucked her so good that the bed started shaking because she held one of the legs of the bed while I was hitting her puss*y hard.
I couldn’t believe we have been Fuck*ing for good 2hrs and I am yet to cum, I usually don’t last this long, was it because I was on drip? To hell with that, since nurse Janet is not complaining of Puss*y pains and am not complaining either why bother? I banged her for 2 hours 30 seconds before I finally exploded my cum inside of her.
After that, we both cleaned up, she fixed my drip back on me and then she left my ward with a smile. I slept off afterward. I woke up around 12 Noon the following day feeling alive but a bit tired, I was discharged around 4:pm that day so I couldn’t see Nurse Janet  before I was discharged.  

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