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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – The Family Friend Visit (Part I)

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I was on a 2 weeks break after my exams and I decided to visit home because I missed my mum's cooking. I had just returned when my mum screamed like a little girl and became upset at my looks, claiming I was not eating enough good food in school, she concluded that I was suffering staying at the school hostel. I giggled because it has always been the same story whenever I get home. 

 Within 30mins I had eaten what would have taken me four days to finish if I were in the hostel. As if I care, there was more, after all am at home. My dad came home later in the day and we had a little chat and while we were talking, a family friend of his called to inform him that he would be spending the weekend with us. 

When my dad told me about it, I was upset because am not a fan of family friends visiting and spending the night. It always make me feel uncomfortable having them around. Around 8:pm, the gate man opened the gate for my dad's guest. Feeling reluctant, I went out to welcome him so I would not come out as rude. The man came down with his wife and after the hugs and greetings he quickly said something in yoruba and someone stepped out of the car and I was dazed. 

The young lady before me was like a goddess. Tall, slim, curved hips, and dark in complexion. He immediately introduced her as his daughter and teased her that she didn't want to come over which I could tell because she was sulking. At first she didn't notice me but when I told her hi, her face lit up as if to say finally, someone I could talk to. 

While taking her bag from her, I could not stop staring at her b00bs. She noticed and she deliberately removed another button as if she was feeling hot. I could not believe my eyes, no bra and yet the b00bs looks smooth and firm. I managed to control myself, I took her upstairs and made her feel at home.  That night at dinner, she began to do to me what I usually see in Nollywood Movies. She started  using her feet to massage my d!ck under the table. Immediately my d!ck became rocket hard. This was just too good to be true, she was a freak and I began imagining crazy things in my head.

I love watching and masturbating over p0rn. After everyone had gone to bed, I brought out my Laptop and was about playing it when I heard a knock at the door. My heart began running fast as I quickly closed the laptop because I thought it was my mother.
She has caught me countless number of times watching blue film and she made me promise not to watch it again the last time she caught me. I had to promise her even though I had no intention of keeping my promise. When I opened my door, I found out it was Bukola, my father’s friend daughter that was using his leg to massage my d!ck during dinner. She wore a night gown and laid everything bare for me to see. 

I swallowed saliva and managed to tell her, do you want to come in? she said yeah. She came in, went to my laptop, I was feeling nervous by this time because the folder I opened before I closed my laptop is a folder where I stored all my blue films. I tried stopping her, but she was reluctant. She opened it and lo and behold, she saw the folder, I had about 150 different Blue films in that folder. She doubled clicked on one of the videos and then the p0rn started playing.

She sat down on the bed closer to me while we were both watching the p0rn, few mins latter, she slipped her hands down my boxer shorts and grabbed my super hard d!ck. 

 Watch Out for the concluding Part Tomorrow... Keep your eyes glued to this blog.
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