"" Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – The Family Friend Visit (Part II) | Talk With Da Silva

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – The Family Friend Visit (Part II)

She started squeezing, twisting and massaging my d!ck as I feel both pleasure and pains at the same time. By this time my pre-cum was all over my d!ck opening. She role her finger over and over the mouth of my d!ck as she use my pre-cum as a lubricant. I was getting hard and harder as if my d!ck want to explode. 

I started fondling and pressing her b00bs so hard as if I wanted to burst it. Her b00bs and nipples were so hard. She latter, brought out my d!ck and then she started sucking it like a lollipop. She was sucking me so hard as if she was sucking out my soul. I got up, put on Pakrurmo music and then I increased the volume to drown my moaning which was getting loud.

Then it was my turn to give her head and I must say, I have not had much experience in that area. She steadily guided my tongue into her wet pu*ssy. She made me eat her up for about 25mins then she went back to work on my d!ck . I swear this girl was a d!ck freak because she looked very excited sucking my d!ck like someone who just won a million naira lottery. I came twice on her face and mouth before she was ready for s*ex. The look on her said it all, she was a nympho and I was her tool that night. She grabbed my d!ck and inserted it in her pu*ssy and was riding it like her life depended on it.

After few minutes, she went on all fours which was my best position. I fuck*ed her without pity and each time I reduced my thrust, she yelled harder! Harder! and I did as she wanted, I felt my d!ck going deep and deeper into her. Am dead was the next thing that came out of my mouth and I fell on the bed but she smiled and said not on my watch.

We rested for about 30 mins, by this time, my d!ck has shrunk back to its original size. She started fingering herself and begging me to come eat her pu*ssy once more. Feeling rejuvenated I obliged and this time it was at my rhythm. I sucked her while she sucked ma d!ck. Wow, 69 was fun, I never knew that, since this was the first time I will be doing the 69 position.

After that, I went missionary with her and for the better part of the night, I was banging her and not to be outdone, she would climb on top of me and would ride me too. We both climaxed multiple times and after that we both slept off. 

I woke up around 9:am the following day only to find out that she had already left my room. I saw a small piece of paper on my laptop where she wrote “Am gone, call me when next you need something like what we did all through last night, here is my number 090********. I smiled to myself and said Damn! That was one hell of a night fu*ck

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