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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – How having Sex with the Interviewer gave me a Job in Lekki (PART I)

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I Am Bode, a 28 year old Engineer Graduate from Unilag. Been searching for a job for over 3yrs now and have found none. What amazes me is that you will get a vacancy for fresh graduates and then they will say they want 4yrs experience. How is that possible naaaa?

Three weeks ago, my uncle referred me to a construction company in Lekki and after submitting my CV I was told I would be called for the job very soon. Two week down the lane and yet nothing has happened. I did not get even a flash from the company.

I was playing Xbox with my kid brother when I got a mail. Since I was loosing I felt reluctant to open it. I lost the game finally so with anger I opened the mail and my mood changed. The company I submitted my CV two weeks ago wanted a sit down chat with me the following week.

All through the week I could not rest, I was restless, infact I ended up being paranoid! I was like “Oh dear, what would they ask? Would they like me? Hope I no go fall hand for there? All these numerous questions came running through my mind.

Finally the D day came. I was dressed to kill. My suit, tie, pencil trouser, my black Italian shoes. Mehn I looked take away. I boarded a taxi so as not to mess up my dressing. Me wey I dey find money and did not know my faith yet ended up paying 7k to the taxi driver from my place down to Lekki.

When I finally got there, I walked straight to the reception and got seated. As usual, after about 2hrs I was finally called in. How do you do? Tell us about yourself, where are you from, what's your degree? Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time? Omo no be small tin, I was answering front, back and centre. There were these two ladies among the interviewer, there questions were coming in series like say dem see me for dream dat nite. Since I desperately need a job, I put in all my best and answered their questions according to the best of my knowledge.

After about 1hr of rigorous oral and written interview, I was told it Was Lunch time and that we would be back in 45mins for the last part of the interview. Wetin dem wan ask me again wey pass dis one I thought to myself. With my dry throat I went to a snacks store and took a pie and a glass of juice. I Was so nervous that I spilled the drink on my trouser.

Damn I thought, this can’t be happening. I quickly dashed to the men's wash room and tried to wash off. Then the most crazy thing happened. Two of the interviewers (Ladies in their mid 40's) who were bombarding me with questions upon questions in the interview room came out and was surprised to see me. Young man are you lost they asked? No, No, No I stammered, I, I, I came to clean up. Juice, Open, pour, on my trouser, I, I, came, I was shivering and stammering like a fool. This is the ladies room or didn't you see the sign? Am dead I said to myself, Am sorry ma, am am am really sorry ma I bowed my head. 

As I tried going out, they called me back in and started complementing me. Fine boy, no pimples. Look at his shoulders, broad. Nice shape. I Wonder if his Dick is big one said the other as they giggle. The next thing I knew was that I was ordered to strip. Excuse me mas! I exclaimed when they told me to strip. One of them said, do you need the job or not? I looked at them and I said “I Desperately need the job” and then they told me, if you need the job, then do as we command.

Thank God I was wearing a new boxers. I thought they were making fun of me so my mind didn't go anywhere at first. See his dick oo, one said. It's nice but small. Biola let's have a little fun, one said to the other. Next thing I knew, the other woman moved closer to me and started massaging my D!ck in my boxer while the second one was rubbing my body. What are you ladies doing? Let me go as I pushed them away from me.

Biola said to the other lady, it seems this man here does not need a job in our company, maybe we should employ someone else, they wanted to go out and I told them, “Please don’t go, okay I will corporate with you ladies, but please will you guarantee me the job”? I asked them.
Only if you do as you are told they affirmed.

Okay guys, let's pause here for now, i will publish the concluding part tomorrow.

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