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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – How Having Sex with the Interviewer Got me a Job in Lekki (PART II)

Okay guys, below is the concluding part of the story i posted yesterday. If you missed the part one, Click HERE

Biola moved closer to me while the other lady whose name I don’t know bolted the door from the inside. They started caressing me. Biola, brought out my d!ck and put it in her mouth while the second lady was licking my nipple. By this time I was already super hard. My D!ck is  about 9” when erect but about 2” when its not erect.
Touch us more na they hesitated. We won't bite they said. I hesitated as much as I could because I had to obey since they have promised me the job.  After vigorous sucking of my d!ck by the two ladies, my d!ck came at attention in Biola’s Mouth as she nearly gag and throw up, when she managed to remove my d!ck from her mouth she screamed “You prick big o” I thought it was small from the onset. Been a while I had this inside me the other lady queried.

I started pressing their ass, as they are both sucking my Nipple, I put my hand under their skirt, shifted their panty aside and I started fingering them both at the same time. Damn, they are super wet. I was fingering them as they both moaned softly.

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Next thing I knew clothes were coming loose, we all got naked as I stare at these women killing figure, my pre-cum started oozing out of my d!ck as Biola was using it as a lubricant. We all got on the floor, I laid down on my back as my rocket hard d!ck was pointing at the ceiling. I started eating Biola’s puss*y while the other lady climbed ontop of me and slowly and steadily she sat on my d!ck and started taking it inch ny inch until my whole 9 inches d!ck was buried in her puss*y.
Immediately she started doing to me the reverse cowgirl, riding my d!ck like it was her own. The things these women made me do was crazy. I switched and started Fuck*ing  Biola in the doggy position while fingering the other, never had a Threesome before but I had to satisfy them both.
I took turn in Fuck*ing both of them as they also played with themselves. It was getting intense, the moaning was becoming audible I was hitting it right, they were giving me the right kinda noise. Damn, am in cloud 9 I said to myself.
We continued Fuck*ing till I came inside Biola’s chubby puss*y. (can’t ever seem to forget her name). This young man is good sha, Biola said, better than the last guy. We cleaned up, and I headed back to the interview room.
Emm Mister Bode, well we have reviewed all your answers and with some recommendation from Mss. Biola and Tope here, we are pleased to  tell you that you have been given the job and would be resuming next week. I could not believe it, so fuck can give someone a job? I looked at Biola and Tope as I bowed down my head in appreciation as they both winked and smiled at me.


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