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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – How Musa My High School Crush almost killed me With Sex in the Bathroom (Part I)

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  I don’t know what is it with tall fair guys that they always turn me on. I get weakened in the knees and my puss*y gets wet instantly at the sight of a tall fair guy. Don’t know if it's in my genes because my dad is tall, fair and really cute for a man in his 50's.
I moved out of our family house in Ikorodu when I was 22 because I was a self dependent kind of person. Always wanting to do things my own way and not depend on other people. I got a small self contained room somewhere in Ikeja where I live alone. 

I came back from work one friday and I noticed that both my cable and AC were not working. I became upset because I didn’t want to miss an episode of a Telemundo I usually watch around 8:pm on ZEE World.  I inquired from my neighour and then they gave me the number of Musa a handy man. 
Feeling tired already, I just took my bath, ate and then I went to sleep. Since it was a Friday and I don’t work during weekend, I will call Musa the Handy Man tomorrow.
I usually don’t like to brag but am endowed. I’ve got hips like Shakira and b00bs like Nicki Minaj, only that mine is natural. My legs are long and straight.  Infact my shape is to die for. I can’t remember how many girl will tell me “You have a nice physique” anytime I visit the mall. I can’t also remember the number of Lesbains I have blocked on Facebook, BBM, Twitter and Instagram because they were on my neck for sex. Even though I tell them am not into Girl to girls stuff they just won’t let me be. Most of my male colleagues at the bank where I worked always give me this lustful stare anytime I resume work for the day. 

Three of them have approached me, promising me 150k just to have a taste of my puss*y for a night but I always turn them down because they are not my spec because they are all dark guys and like I said earlier, I only fancy fair guys.

The following day being a Saturday, I called Musa the handy man and he was like good day ma, how may I help you? And I replied, is that Musa the Repairer? And he replied Yes. So I told him about my AC and my Decoder, he told me to give him an hour because he is engaged with something else. No problem I said and I directed him on how to locate my flat. 

I quickly tidied my room cause it was in a mess. You know most of us that work in the bank hardly have time to tidy the house before we go out for work in the morning. Sometime we don’t even make our beds for days just to keep up with time. 

I Made  Spaghetti and corned beef, my favourite. An hour later, just as he said, he knocked at my door. I opened it and to my amazement it was the same Musa, the Fulani Guy back then in my secondary school. Infact Musa was my high school crush.
We quickly exchanged pleasantries and he quickly did his work while I rounded up the breakfast. As we both did our thing, we each took turns in admiring each other. He was now different, tall, More fairer, chiseled jaw, I could see his albs from his tight T-shirt. Infact, he was perfect. The feeling came over me again and I became weak with sexual desire.
I managed to get breakfast ready and he finished up with my AC and Decoder few mins after I completed my cooking. I tried to pay him but he refused saying i am not a new person to him. All pleas to accept the money fell on deaf ears as he politely refused. I had no choice but to put the money back in my purse.

I offered him Breakfast so we could talk and go back memory lane which he accepted. While eating, I confessed I was crushing on him back then in high school and he told me he knew but he was dating the queen bee of the school then and she would had thrown tantrum if he had broken up with her for a junior‎ student because he was the schools all star athlete Prefect and was her perfect match. 
While we were eating, the weather suddenly changed and within minutes a heavy rain started. I was overjoyed, as if the heavens were planning my movement. I quickly retired to my room, took off my clothes pretending to want to take a bath. All this were part of my plan, I had already taken my bath few mins before Musa came in but since I have a plan and the heavy rain seem to be in my support, I had to make a move.

I went to the bathroom, lather my body, and then I screamed as Musa ran to the bathroom, I deliberately opened the door, when he came he was spell bound as he saw me standing there fully naked, I can see the lust in his eyes as he looked at me and managed to say “What happened” and I mumbled “Soap got into my eye” and he said “sorry, are you okay now? And I replied “NO am not” “What should I do, he said” by this time he was damn hard looking at my nakedness, and I told him “Can you fu*ck me?

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