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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – How Musa My High School Crush almost killed me With Sex in the Bathroom (Part II)

Okay guys, below is the concluding part of Emelda and Musa's Story, i was supposed to post yesterday but was kinda busy.. See the concluding part Below. Incase you Missed the part One Click HERE

Without wasting time, he entered the bathroom, and started undressing, I had rinsed the soap lather off my face, when he unzip his trouser, I nearly fainted at the sight of the huge bulge in his boxer, within seconds, he pulled the boxer and his monstrous d!ck poped out, honestly I was scared because I know there is no way I won’t tear if I take his d!ck but I initiated it, so I have to pay the price.

I always hear northern guys have big d!ck but I have never tasted one. I have seen different types of fair guys d!ck. it is either their d!ck will be long, curvy and thin, or it will be fat and short. I have never seen a d!ck that was both very long and fat at the same time.

I held Musa d!ck with my two hands as I manage to suck it, I could only get the cap in my mouth, I kept sucking as he moans like a baby. I became so wet that I can feel my secretion dripping out from my puss*y rolling down my lap.

Musa held my two hands to get up, he turned on the shower as the water splashed on us, he then started sucking my b00bs. He was sucking my boobs while I was fingering myself. I was fingering myself with two fingers to get my puss*y ready for Musa’s Black Mamba.

He turned me over, as I pushed my ass backward, he held his d!ck with one hand and then he fingered me from behind before he slide in his d!ck in me, I farted and nearly fell down but he held me tightly, the pain was hell. He started fuck*ing me slowly as the pain gradually started reducing. I told him to increase the tempo and then he started fuck*ing me like a dog. This time he was fuck*ing me with his full d!ck. anytime he makes a thrust, I felt his d!ck hitting my womb, I felt pain mixed with pleasure at the same time.

Musa turned me over, he told me to wrap my hand across his neck which I did, he told me to open my legs wide and wrap my two legs across his waist which I did and then he raised me up, by this time I was holding him tightly as my hand and legs were wrapped around him, he then whispered to my ear “Lead my d!ck into your hot puss*y” I bent my hand backward, held his d!ck and then I pushed it into my already agape puss*y.

He started banging me, this time, I can fell the movement of his d!ck in my stomach, anytime he pushed in I feel like vomiting. I told him to put me down which he did and then we continued the doggy style.

He kept fuck*ing me and all I could do was to pray and hope for was for him to cum so that I would be released from this sex torture. He fuck*ed me for almost one hour before I felt his d!ck contracting, as he moaned ah arrrgh arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, I felt him releasing his hot fluid in me. He was in me for two seconds before he pulled out, when he pulled out his spe*rm rushed out of my puss*y like tap water. He has loads of cum and since my puss*y is now very wide because of his huge d!ck it can’t hold his cum, so immediately he pulled out, his cum gushed out of my agape puss*y.

Emelda you are damn tight and hot was what Musa told me, I managed to smile even though my puss*y was on fire. We freshened up and I saw Musa to the gate. When I got inside, I got naked, opened my leg wide infront of my AC because my puss*y was hurting me.

It took me almost a month of Pressing my Puss*y with hot water before it closed back to it’s original size. After a Month, Musa called me one evening and asked if he could pay me a visit and I told him “I would have loved you to come but am out of town on a business trip for now” I had to lie, else he will come and open my puss*y again.

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