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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade with Bisola the Virgin Recharge Card Seller (Part I)

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I had just moved in from the Village with my cousin. This city called Lagos was all too fast for me to understand. Cars, Clubs, Music, Noise,  Etc. I kept wondering if I would make it here. By The way am Chukwudi from Enugu and I came to Lag to learn work with my cousin.

After about 3 weeks at home, I was home sick. Missed my mum's cooking, my dad's bush meat from the forest and many other things but most especially, I was missing my baby Anulika. The very thought of her and all the lovey dovey we always do on the farm made me hard and I became horny. To worsen the case, I had not made a single female friend here.

I decided to stroll around the street one evening just to kill boredom, I stopped to buy airtime from a young lady whose shop was closer to my house, she has this crazy smile as she says “Broda, which card you want buy, and  how much own? I was lost staring at her b00bs and then she asked again, and I was like “Oh sorry I said, gimme 200 naira MTN  and 1,000 Naira GLO for my Blackberry Subscription. She gave me that wicked smile again and said “Ah Broda you be big man oo, people no dey buy 1,000 naira card from my hand like dat o, Na only 100 naira or 200 niara own dem dey buy well well”. That was when it struck me that she was naive and will be an easy prey. I inquired about her name and she told me her name is Bisola, and I was like “Wow, so you are a Yoruba Girl? No wonder you are this Beautiful, All the Yoruba girls that I’ve seen are so beautiful just like you. I even have a childhood friend back then that is called Bisi but we call her Bisola because she is very beautiful just like you.

All she keeps doing was to smile and tell me, “Thank you o Broda, I no know say I fine well well like that o” I had to mix both truth and lies to win her over. After everything I told her that am new in the area and that I don’t have any new friend, I told her “Please can we be friends”? And she said “we fit be friend na, ko si wahala for dat one” I sat with her for sometime to study her the more before I left her shop.

My trips to Bisi’s shop became frequent and even though we were getting closer, she still called me broda which troubled me because I didn't wana be in the friend zone.

One faithful Sunday, as I was coming back from the field, I noticed her enter my compound and I quickly rushed over and enquired her mission there. She noticed the bulge in my shorts and became uncomfortable. I, I, I, I, Errm, Broda, I, she stammered. My aunty say your broda dey owe am 200 wey him buy Airtel Card Day Before Yesterday, she say make I com collect am, naim make me com check weda him dey house.

This is my opportunity and I did not want to waste it. Knowing fully well that my cousin travelled a day before, I told her he was in. She came inside and I pretended to go look for him. She said “Broda una house fine well well o, as she sits on one of the leather chairs, I just smiled and waved her off.
 I quickly rushed to bathroom and within a minute, I was out. Tying just a towel around my waist and pretended to call out for my brother. I picked my phone, punched its buttons and then placed it across my ear, “Bros where you dey na? Dat fine girl for dat shop dey wait you o, She say you dey owe her 200 naira” At the mention of fine girl she smiled again” Then I removed the phone from my ear and I told Bisi “Ah no vex oo, my broda say make you wait am small, say him go soon come back. 

Okay Guys, i will post the concluding part tomorrow. Keep it lock down and make it a date with with me tomorrow.. See Ya, Gotta run along.. 

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  1. Haha, what is happening? you are mixing things up o. First, the encounter with family friend, you goofed saying the guy increased the music to down his mourning, well that cant happen with his parents as well as the girls's father at home at night. At night. This one now , what is the name of the girl? is it Bisola or Bisi?

  2. I have read all your stories. I always get hard. Keep it up.

  3. Bisi is like a short form for Bisola in Yoruba.. And as for the typographical errors, i will try my best to reduce it...


    1. You are doing a good job. Bisi is not a short form of Bisola, they are entirely different. Keep it up. Nice day. We love you.

  4. @IBMUS... Thanks Dear, Keep on Following my stories Daily...

    #Big Hug...