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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade with Bisola the Virgin Recharge Card Seller (Part II)

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Okay guys, below is the second part of the Bisi story I posted yesterday, If you Missed the Part I, click HERE to Read it.

I went to the TV to put it on and as I gave her the remote, I stylishly loosed my towel and it fell from my waist. That was all she needed, a sign. She screamed ki le leyi? And wanting to be a good boy, I told her, “Don’t be offended, I no tie the towel well, I quickly tied, my towel. After about 5 mins of silence, I summoned courage and said now my Koboko wey I dey hide since, you don come see am now” she laughed and that was it, my charm is working on her. I continued “Now wey you don see my Koboko, wetin you want give me now?

She said, “Me I no get anything to giv you na” and I said “Ah Ah, How fine girl like you no go get anything? You get something wey you fit give me na” and she smile and faced me and said to my face “Okay wetin you want”? I swallowed spit and I pointed at her puss*y and she said “Ah, Dat one hard o, I no fit giv you dat tin o, mi o le fun yi rara” and I said “why” shebi me and you be friend? You no fit giv your friend sometin? And she said “I know say you be my ore but dat tin hard to give” and then I moved closer to her and I started fondling her b00bs and she kept saying “Ah, Ah, O00oooo, Broda fi mi le, leave me, Broda no, Broda no joor”

I continued fondling her b00bs till I laid her on our couch. She kept saying fi mi le, leave me, but immediately I struggled to pull off her Bra and I started rolling my tongue over and over her pointed nipples, the fi mi le she was telling me since suddenly died down and I know I have hit jackpot.

I started licking and sucking her b00bs as she started moaning softly. I licked the middle of her b00bs down to her belly button as I sucked her belly button, when I got to her waist, she still had her skirt on, I made to pull her skirt and then she raised her ass up for easy pull of her skirt and my heart kept pounding faster because this is the first time I will be going down with a Lagos girl since I arrived Lagos.

I pulled off her skirt and then I pulled off her panty and I was welcomed with a Black Chubby puss*y Lips. Her Clit was slightly big too as it hangs out from her puss*y, I never Imagined Bisi will have this kind of cute chubby puss*y. She quickly Closed her legs and covered face with her hands and I told her “You dey shame? And she nodded her head. I slightly opened her laps wide and I started sucking her puss*y, I was sucking and licking her clit as she continued moaning softly.

I kept licking and licking her clit till she started twisting her waist and then I know she was about to cum, I increased the tempo of my sucking and then her hot fluid filled my mouth.

I held my d!ck close to her puss*y hole and then I tried pushing in, but my d!ck refused to enter. I can see the discomfort on her face, as she managed to say “Broda the tin dey pain me, I want dey go” she wanted to get up but I pinned her down and started telling her some romantic words as she manages to smile. Within me I was like “Is Bisi a Virgin? She told me she is 23, can a 23 year old Lagos Girl be a virgin? This puzzled question kept running on my mind and then I managed to ask her “You don do dis tin before” she nodded her head signifying NO. 

Okay, guys i will stop here, But i promise i will post the Final part in the evening.. Just keep your eyes glued here if you don't want to miss out. See Ya..

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