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‎Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade with Uncle Charles our Further Maths Teacher

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I Was in the classroom one morning after we just had a boring French class. It was mandatory so no use running from it. Tope my best friend was seated beside me as usual telling me of her lovely boyfriend Dayo from Art class and was ‎asking if I had received the Biology note from Dayo's friend when Uncle Wale the VP academics entered into the class with a young guy in his NYSC uniform.

Gosh he was so cute, with his muscular body and geek glass. The VP introduced him as Charles who would be with us for the time being and would be taking us further Maths. The entire class groaned because no one liked the subject coupled with the fact that our former further maths teacher also the physics teacher was a bully.

I was lost in lust, I began admiring the Corper and every other thing stood still then I noticed in all my excitement I had wet myself. I cried hoping it didn't show on my skirt. Sandra the VP called me, bringing me down to earth. I stood up ashamed and bitter. You were not paying attention to what I have been saying. I was, I quickly lied. Then tell me the Corper's name. I mumbled to myself as the class roared with laughter. He eventually left and I quickly told myself I had to find out that part of me that liked further maths because that was my only means to talking to uncle Charles and I wanted him badly.

I was not a virgin so that would work. I was already imagining him banging me from the back and doing all sorts of nasty things to me. I thought of how his d!ck would be in my mouth, if it would be big and if it would fill me up. I began to look forward to his classes. I regularly made up excuses to go to his office for him to explain stuff to me and help me with my assignments.

His cologne was always bringing out the sex appeal in me and it was driving me crazy. I knew I wanted him badly. I plotted how to get him alone and it finally clicked. 

He was on duty one week and was always the last to leave the school so as to properly lock up the school. School closed for that day and as usual I‎ left with my friends and I quickly rushed home, wore a hot mini skirt and top revealing my 19 year old round breasts. I sped back to school and he was just about locking my class when he saw me.

Young lady he said hope all is well? I forgot my Further Maths note book that’s why I came back for it I lied. No worries he said, he opened the door to my classroom as I caught him stealing glances at my b00bs and I knew I had to Play it cool.

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Immediately we got into the classroom with all the windows shut, I jumped on him and started Kissing him and holding his bulge in his trouser. He made as if to push me but I resisted. This was my only chance. He Quickly softened his tempo and grabbed me, kissing me passionately. I managed to unhook his fly and grabbed his d!ck. Gosh it was big. Without hesitating, I quickly raised up my skirt, pulled my panty down to my ankle, I held one of the desk in our class, raised my ass up and then I held his d!ck as I led it into my wet puss*y. I have to do this quickly because I don’t want to be caught. Immediately all his d!ck sank in me, I gasp for air.  He started ramming me so hard that I felt my legs shaking. I thought I would die from his vigorous fu*ck. It was painful and sweet at the same time.

I didn't want him to stop. We were both moaning and sweating like two dogs on heat. He continued fuck*ing me the doggy style as he kept moaning like a 2 year old baby. Suddenly I felt his d!ck getting stiffer and fatter in my puss*y as I felt him pouring his thick cum deep in me.

He stayed in me for few seconds as he emptied the last drop of his cum in me before he pulled out. When he pulled out, some of his cum rolled out of my puss*y down my thigh as we cleaned up. As we were cleaning up, we heard Sule the gateman say oga kopa na you and who dey deir oo? I dey hear some kine noise for there o. I opened one of the window and I escaped through it to the backyard. From the backyard I jumped over the school fence and made my way home beaming with smile for a mission well accomplished. I said to myself “ Uncle Charles’s this is just the beginning”  

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