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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade with Bisola the Virgin Recharge Card Seller (Part III)

Okay guys, just like i promised this morning, Below is the concluding part of the Bisi story. If you missed the Part I, click HERE, if you also missed the Part II click HERE.. 

I started sucking her b00bs again because I noticed she was now dry, I started sucking her b00bs hard as I roll my finger on her clit slightly. I got up, dashed into my room, Looked for Vaseline, I did not see any, then I remembered my Anointing oil, I quickly unzip my bag and then I brought out my anointing oil, when I got to the palour, Bisi was about wearing her panty and then I seized it from her, she said “Broda no na, the tin go pain me, shebi I tell you say I neva do am before?

I pet her and then I laid her down again, I poured some of the Anointing oil on my D!ck and then I massaged it all over my d!ck as my d!ck became slippery. I started kissing her as I used one of my hand to lead my d!ck into her puss*y opening, slowly and gently I started penetrating her, and then with a slight force, I pushed my D!ck into her puss*y as she bit her lips in pain. “Sorry, sorry, sorry my fine girl” was all I was telling her while my d!ck was buried in her. I pulled out slightly, and then I pushed in again, I did this for like 6-7 times before I started fuck*ing her slowly, by this time she did not show any sign of pains again, all she was saying is “Broda small small, you go wound me, se diye diye” I kept telling her ok, my fine girl, sorry my fine girl. 

I continued fuck*ing her the missionary style, I found out she is getting weaker as she keeps saying “Broda e don do, I don tire, get up broad, get up, I don tire” I continued fuck*ing her, damn, never have I had a virgin puss*y. Bisi is not only Beautiful physically but also beautiful Pussycally. 

After some thrust I came deep in her, by this time she was getting more weaker and then my Blood pressure started running high, I pulled out of her puss*y and then her virgin blood gushed out of her puss*y. The blood kept flowing and Bisi was losing strength. What will I do? I quickly wore my trouser, I did not even clean my blood stained d!ck.

I ran to a nearby shop, I bought peak milk,  Lucozade, Ribena, Can Malt, Peak Milk, I ran back home and found her almost lifeless, I managed to force the milk mixed with malt into her mouth to give her some strength. My heart was in my mouth. So many things kept running through my mind.

After few mins, of feeding her, her breathing became normal and I looked at her and this guilt and pity for her filled my mind. I hugged her passionately and then i kissed her forehead. I told her “Am sorry” She managed to smile and then I smiled back.

I took her to the bathroom, gave her a warm bath, went back to the chemist, bought some pain killer and other ladies stuff for her. Gave her 5k and then I asked her if she will be my woman. She was silent, I went on my knees and begged her to please be my woman, she smiled at me and said, okay no problem.

And that was how my relationship with Bisi started.. Years later I wanted to marry her but her father rejected me out rightly saying I am an “Omo Igbo”

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