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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sister’s Friend Sleep Over

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Ever since I broke up with my girlfriend, it has been difficult getting a girl to bed for me. I Have talked to my sister Chioma to help link me up with some of her friend but most times she keeps telling me “Chima my friends are not your type, Look for a good girl yourself” Most time I will tell her to explain to me in details what she meant but she will never tell me.

All she will say is “They are not your type” Since my last relationship crumbled, I have given up on relationships, Although I do engage in flings with some Twitter and Facebook runs girl once in a while but I was not satisfied, all I needed was a permanent Fuck*ing mate.

To get a Lagos girl to bed now adays is hard, else you have enough money to spend. Anyway the once in a while fling I get from my facebook and twitter runs girl is okay for me since my sister is always falling my hand.  

One evening, my sister came home with one of her friends as usual. I know most of my sisters friend but I don’t know this one because this is the first time I will be seeing her. Each time my parents are not at home, that is how my elder sister will turn our house to a refugee camp for her friends. Anyway do I care? At least even though I can’t fu*ck them, at least I do enjoy the display they always put on whenever they are in our house.

They always walk the living room, either completely naked or semi naked when there is no Nepa light and we don’t have Fuel in the generator. If my sister tell them her brother is around they will tell her “wetin com happen? Will your brother rape us? Abegi leave dat tin.

So that night I watched a film with my sister and her friend late into the night, my sister was the first to retire to her room, leaving me and her friend. Since I was just 21 and my sister friend looks 30 I could not summon courage to tell her I would want to taste her pu*ssy juice.  When I started feeling sleepy, I told her good night and I went to my room.

Around 2:am while I was deep asleep with a rocket hard D!ck, I started feeling something warm on my hard d!ck, I thought it was a dream so I did not think that it was reality. When the sensation becomes much, I managed to open my eye a little and I saw a head going up and down on my d!ck. someone is actually sucking my d!ck. it is real and not a dream.

I open my eyes widely to see who the person is and it dawned on me that it was my sister friend giving me Head. Not wanting to loose out or scare her away, I laid down there pretending as if I was still asleep. Every now and then she will come closer to my face to check if was still sleeping or am awake. If I sense her moving her face closer to mine, I will close my eyes and pretend as if am dead asleep.

She will return to sucking my d!ck if she wave at my face and find out I did not make any move, once she return to my d!ck, I will open my eye slightly. When she was satisfied sucking me, she climbed ontop of me gently and then she gently sat on my d!ck and started fuck*ing me slowly and gently, I felt as if I was dreaming, her pu*ssy is damn so mature and big, I can feel it on my d!ck as she ride me up and down gently.
She does not want to wake me nor my sister so she continued fuck*ing me slowly and gently. I was enjoying the sweet sensation I was getting from her riding me. This will be the first time I will lie down and a girl will fu*ck me from start to finish.

While she was ontop of me, I felt her pu*ssy contracting over my dick and then I felt something hot and sticky rolling down all over my d!ck, she reduced the fuck*ing speed and then she gently got out ontop of me as her full cum poured out from her pu*ssy all over my d!ck.

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While I was watching her with one eye closed, she sneaked out of my room, i switched on the light 5mins after she left my room and damn my boxers was in mess, most of her cum poured on my boxer. She was an expert, she brought out my d!ck through the hole at the front of my boxer. Since I have not release and I was still hard, I masturbated thinking about her thick pu*ssy on my dick and after few seconds, my spe*rm gushed out of my d!ck.. I have not released that much before, I went to the bathroom, washed my boxer, freshened up and then I returned to bed thinking of what just happened.

I woke up the following day around 9:am, Immediately I got out of my room, I saw my sister escorting her friend out of the house, she seems to be going. And I said to her “Are you going already”? she smiled at me and said “Yes” am going, I will come some other time and within me I was like “Can’t you just stay here forever so that you can be fuck*ing me every night”?


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