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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Unforgettable Swimming Pool Sexual Experience (Part I)

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Going out with the girls is not my kind of thing. Although am a “Bad” girl in my own area but I like operating alone. Am this type of girl that is very reserved and secretive. My hostel mate thinks am a virgin because I don’t discuss any thing that pertain to sex with them.

Even when they brag that their boy friends has big D!ck or how their boyfriend fuck*ed them well, I will just keep mute and be looking at them. Sometime I will just leave the room for them and then they will laugh at me and mock me as a “Virgin Mary” within me I will be like “You girls don’t know that you are all learners when it comes to sex”. I fall into the category of those girls you call “pretenders do the worst” you don’t have to blame me, that is just my nature. I like keeping to myself.

One afternoon, the girls suggested we go to the pool and at first I told them no, since I have not had sex in the pool before and I always have this fantasy about it, I decided to seize that opportunity to accomplish my fantasy but I must not make it known to my friends, so I still maintained my “NO”

When the persuasion became too much, I told them “Alright I will go with you girls” they were like “really” and I replied them “Yes” and then they started telling me “Since you are a Virgin Mary, hope you know we will be swimming with Bikinis and I yelled “Bikini” and they said “yes bikini” and I told them cant we wear something more covering? Must we swim with Bikinis? And then the loudest mouth of them all “Amina” who gets mad at me at the slightest provocation because of my timid nature bursted out “Why are you disturbing this village Virgin? You should let her be, I wondered why you suggested we bring her along in the first place. She faced me and said “Virgin Mary were you expecting to swim in the pool with Agbada before? You swim either with swimming suit or bikinis, if you don’t have any of those, then sit at home and read your brains out, shikena!

Since am a no nonsense person myself I told Amina, was I talking to you? Are you the only one here? Why do you like picking on me all the time for no just reason and then she shouted “Its because I am tired of this your pretentious nature, Only God knows if truly you are a virgin, pretenders do the worst” Amina hinted.

The third girl in the Room Bimpe halted us with a Shhhhhh and we both kept mute. She looked at Amina and said to her “Why not let her be? Anyhow she want to live her life let her live it” ki ni ti e? Mary you can come with us to the pool even with your Sunday cloth if you like, but you won’t be allowed into the pool she concluded.

The following day being a Sunday, after we returned from church, we made some indomie and then we hit the road for the pool. We got their within 30mins since the pool is close to our campus.

When we got to the pool, Bimpe and Amina were shocked when they saw me coming out of the changing room with a Pink Bikini. And then Amina said to Bimpe “Didn’t I tell you? Pretenders do the worst”

Amina and Bimpe dived into the pool and they started catching up with the guys in the pool. I just wore my Aviator sun shade as I lied down on one of the pool bench watching my friends catching their fun.

I lied down there looking for a prey that I will use to satisfy my sex in the pool fantasy.
While I was lying down there a guy walked up to me, he introduced himself as Uche and a Banker. Still wearing my sun shade, my attention was on his bulge, I don’t like guys with small d!ck because fuck*ing guys with small d!cks to me is like wasting my time, energy and my pu*ssy juice. Uche has a big bulge infront of his tight short. He said to me, why are you not swimming? And I replied “because I don’t know how to” and he said “I see” within me I was like “this fool does not know that I can go under water for 15mins and nothing will happen, hurry up with the conversation and go and fu*ck me in the pool”

The guy said I can show you how to swim, and I told him “I am scared, I don’t want to drown” and he giggles and said “drown? In this pool? Gimme a break, there are people here, so how can you drown in broad day light? Lets get into the pool, I will teach you how to swim. He stretched out his hand to me and I gave him my hand as he lead me into the pool, my room mate, Bimpe and Amina were surprised because this is the first time I they will be seeing me with a guy.

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