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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Unforgettable Swimming Pool Sexual Experience (Part II)

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Those my foolish roommate thinks am a virgin, while even me that owe my pus*ssy have lost count of the number of men that have fucked my pu*ssy. When we got into the pool,  he started teaching me how to swim not knowing am a fish myself. Every now and then, he will mistakenly touch my b00bs and pu*ssy and then he will tell me “Sorry” and I will just smile at him. Then I pretended as if I lost balance and then I made my hand to his d!ck and it was damn hard like Olumo Rock.

He managed to say errrrrm, errrrrrm, actually and I told him shhhhhhhhh. My room mate Bimpe and Amina are both busy with their new catch so they forgot me totally, I went under the water as the guy watched in surprise, while I was down the pool, I pulled his tight short down and then his huge d!ck popped out, I brought my head above the water and then I winked at him. I went down again and then I started sucking him, while sucking him, I was on the watch so that nobody will put their head underneath the water and will see us.

Since this was too risky, I needed to take my chance quick. I raised my head above the water and then I saw that most people in the pool were very close to the guy they were swimming with. I led Uche to the extreme end of the pool and while we were there, I whispered to his ear “Fu*ck me” I can see the shock on his face. I went down into the water, and then I pulled my pant, I removed only one of my legs from my pant and then I rested my hand on the pilar of the pool and I opened my leg wide and then I told him “from back”  I felt his long d!ck pricking my ass, I know he can’t get into my pu*ssy so easily in the pool, I  moved my right hand back underneath the water, I held his d!ck and I led it into my pu*ssy hole.

He slide into me like a hungry dog and then he started ramming me from behind. Mehn this was the sweetest fu*ck ever, I felt as if I had Pu*ssy all over my body and different guys are fucking me at the same time. The coldness of the water plus the warmth I get from getting my pu*ssy fucked in the pool sent me to cloud nine.

Uche’s D!ck is not only long but fat too, he was fucking me from behind while my friend Bimpe and Amina were smiling at me, they were happy that finally I hooked up with a guy, what they don’t know is that I am getting Fuck*ed already.  

While uche was fucking me from behind, I faced him as his d!ck slide out of my pu*ssy. I opened my leg wide while facing him as I used my hand to force his d!ck into my pu*ssy from the front. He started fuck*ing again from the front, we hugged our self, since romance is allowed in the pool, people around thought we are just hugging, what they don’t know is that Uche is widening my tight pu*ssy underneath the water.

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While uche was fuck*ing me from the front, I felt his body getting stiff and then I know he is about to cum, after a seconds of thrusting, I felt him pouring his hot fluid into my pu*ssy. After that, he pulled out of my pu*ssy and whispered to me “You are the best I’ve ever had” I went underneath the water and then I wore my panty properly. 

Then we continued talking, while we were talking in the water, we saw some of Uche”s Cum floating on the pool. We both looked at ourselves and then we giggled. 

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