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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – One Night Stand with my Mechanic (Part I)

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The end of the year’s party in my company is always something I look forward to. Not only will you see people at their worst behavior, you get just one shot with the M.D on the dance floor. And that was  all I ever wanted.

Sorry I didn't even introduce myself properly. Am Helen, an Akwa-ibom girl working with a telecom company here in Lagos. I was picked for the job right from the university so you could say I am very special. Within months of getting the job I rented an apartment in Surulere and bought myself a car.

Things were going well but I had one weakness, big d!cks. I am an addict of guys with big d!cks. I get wet when I see a guy with huge bulge. Back to my story. I had just given the Md the best dance of his life, coupled with a glorious lap dance and I cud feel his bulge in his trouser.

Feeling victorious, I left him wanting more to meet Bode my Sex Partner. I danced with Bode like we were in love but truthfully after series of heart breaks, I was done with men. But that's not to say I don’t have sex though. Bode was just a sex freak like myself. Things we normally do in the bedroom during sex is always unimaginable.

Since everywhere was dark, it gave room for smooching and I will not allow it pass me by. I felt the bulge in Bode's Pants Trousers and I grabbed it while he grabbed my ass from behind. As things was about to get exciting, he got a text message from his sick mum to come ASAP. I almost fainted. I knew I was being selfish but I didn't care I was horny and needed to be fuck*ed.

Angrily, I left the party to my car and started driving home. When I got to Costain, my car made a whoosh noise and stopped. I said to myself, could this night get any worse? I quickly brought out my phone and called kola my trusted mechanic. He picked and from the noise at the background, he is at a party. Good evening Aunty Helen he said, anytin the matter? I told him about my car and he said it is too late for him to come out that far, sensing his hesitation, I offered to settle him well.

After about almost 25mins on the phone persuading him, he agreed and then he told me to give him the full details of where I was which I did. After about 45 mins, he located me at Costain. When he came I almost went crazy with lust. This was the first time I will be seeing him in a nice outfit. Other days were the usual Green overalls.
Today he was putting on a fitted T-shirt and shorts Three Quarter Knickers. I zoomed to his Bulge and I can tell he is a huge bulge which means his Pen*is will be big like cucumber. After 20 mins of touching here and there he managed to fix my car and after giving him more than his usual money I told him it was late and that he should allow me take him home to pass the night at my place. He refused the offer and, I asked him why and he said his girlfriend was at the party and so were his friends.

I managed to convince him to call them and tell them he was working late. It worked out and I drove him home straight. No sooner had he touched my couch did he start snoring. I could not sleep, I needed sex, I was horny. I managed to take my bath, pulled out my vibrator to help myself. It worked for a few mins but I wanted the real thing especially when it was just a few feet away from me.

I summoned courage, came out of the room and smiled at my sleeping Mechanic. He had removed his shorts and his d!ck was bulging out of his boxers. 

To be Continued Tomorrow.. Keep your eyes glued to here so that you won't miss the concluding part.

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