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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – One Night Stand with my Mechanic (Part II)

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I used the tip of ma tongue to lick the cap. He didn't move, I licked it again and again and again and it became erect. I grabbed his long d!ck and  I put it in my mouth while he moaned, he still did not move.

I could tell he was enjoying it but did not say anything. After about 20 mins of good blowjob he stood up and as if possessed, tore off my gown and grabbed my b00bs. He sucked each one like a hungry baby and I was willing to give it to him.

He took his time to suck my nipples and I grabbed his d!ck and begged him to fu*ck me. He replied with “yes aunty” and I yell “TO HELL WITH YES AUNTY, JUST FU*CK ME”. He laid me on the sitting room bare floor, he held his hard d!ck and he started using his d!ck to tease my hard clit. Damn, I was dripping wet, you need to see the tear of lust in my eyes.. I found myself saying “Chuck the prick inside na” He slide in me with a full force as I Gaspe for air.  Slow and steadily he started Fuck*ing me the missionary style. Fu*ck, his d!ck was huge. I began moaning loudly and since I didn't want disturbance, I quickly put on the tv while it's sound drowned my moaning.

Next he went down and started sucking my dripping wet pu*ssy. I thought to myself,  this boy is good and where did he learn all this from? At the same time, I didn't care. While giving me head, my juice spilled all over his face and he proceeded to fu*ck me from behind. How I love doggy. We were both moaning like animals but I loved the feeling.

I noticed he was getting tired cause his thrusts were getting slower so I told him I wanted to fu*ck him. He laid on his back while I rode him, gosh I didn't wana stop. I liked his d!ck so much and I rode him good. I did a reverse cowgirl on his d!ck and rode him hard.

After that, he stood up, grabbed me by the waist and started Fuck*ing me harder than the first time. I felt his balls hitting my ass. We fuck*ed like we were on heat and continued till about 5:am were we both climaxed. I fell asleep on top of him while his d!ck was still in my pus*sy. I woke up around 9:am and he was gone. I told myself, big things do come in small packages.

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