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How I Removed Two Used Condom from IMSU Runs Girl Vag

My Sexcapde back then in IMSU is one experience I can never forget in a hurry in my life. Back then in IMSU my guys and I were the happening guys around. We rented a self contain apartment off campus. One of us was a DJ who plays at a club opposite our school, and the remaining 5 of us were student from different home all living under one roof. 

Two of us own a car but in reality we are very broke, if you see us cruising in our cars you will think we are loaded but we know within ourselves that we are broke ass niggars.  Every Friday night we will load ourselves inside our friend car and then we will hit the club. Since our friend works as a DJ in the club we will tell him “Guy give us one Hennessey, we go pay you for house” since he lives with us, he will give us the drink, then we will load girls around our table claiming we are “Made Men” but in actual sense we were just bunch of broke ass niggas. 

After everything, we will carry one girl each, since i always know the end result when my friend carry runs girls from the club, I always reject their offer when they tell me “Guy you no go carry one babe”? I will just smile and tell them, no wahala.

Anytime we go clubbing, we always go in convoy, so people around always think we are rich, especially all those runs girl at the club. 

When we took the girls home, then bargaining will start. The girls told my guys that they will collect 5k each for the night, my guys will tell them haba, babes that is too costly, we will pay 3k. knowing my guys  like the back of my hand, I know they don’t have even the 3k but they will agree with the girls on it.  After conclusion my guys will take their girls to different corners of the room, and then they will make love with their girls. Since I did not carry any girl for the night I will just sleep peacefully in my corner while I watch my guys in action.

The following morning is where you will start hearing words like “I no even touch you self, why I go pay you? I drink well well last night so I no perform well why I go pay you 3k? I no even enjoy you self, why I go pay you dat kind money? Of cause that’s my guys looking for excuses not to pay the girls. In return the girls will grab them by their d!ck and be ranting saying “Thunder go fire your smelly prick” Na God go punish your generation, “How you go fu*ck me throughout the night you say you no enjoy am? If you no enjoy am why you continue dey fu*ck me? Pay me my money joor.
Sometime it will degenerate into a fight. The funniest aspect is that most runs girl don’t carry money in their purse when they are going out. If they want to carry money at all, it will be around 100 or 200 naira. While my guys were ranting with the girl I just sat at my corner looking for my own prey.

My guys started disappearing with the girls one after the other from the room. Remaining two runs girl and I alone in the room. One of the girl had 200 naira in her purse, while the other one does not have a dime on her, immediately the one that had 200 in her purse went upstairs to pick her earings, the one that does not have a dime on her, opened her purse, took her 200 and then she took off. 

When the owner of the purse came down still swearing at my guy that took her for the night, she checked her purse and found out that her 200 was missing. She asked me about it and then I told her that her sister took it and then she flared up, “That useless Ashawo girl no be my sister, na for Club we know ourself” Now I no get any money for my hand, how I want take go back school now? She started swearing again and then I told her “I get 500, you go gree do for 500? 

She looked at me and said, where the 500 dey? I opened my wallet and then I handed her the 500 note. She collected it and within minutes she has undressed, laid on the bed with her legs wide open and then she told me “Oya do quick quick because I get test today” since she was not that wet, I got undressed, and then I started fingering her, I was fingering her so hard and then she started moaning as she started getting wet. 

While fingering her, I felt my finger touching something inside of her, I inserted three of my fingers and then I tried pulling out what I was touching, to my greatest shock, it was a used condom that I pulled out. I was shocked to the bone marrow, she asked me, where you remove am from?  And then I replied her, I comot am from you to*to now now. The girl was like “Jeezus” how manage? And I relied her, “You dey ask me”? 

I told her to lie down while I check again, she obeyed. I poked my finger deep down again, felt the inner up, left, right and down of her vag and then my hand touched something again when I felt her inner down. I inserted three fingers again and then I pulled out another used condom; making it two used condoms.

Only God knows how long those condoms must have been in there. After checking the third time and I found out there were no more used condom in her, I had a hard sex with her. She thanked me and asked me to be her boyfriend. Within me I was like “Who go friend ashawo”

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