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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade as a Traveler (Part I)

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I Am into the moving business and I travel a lot. From Lagos to Abuja, from Abuja to Ph, to Benin the list is endless. My handler also like it when I travel Low key so as to avoid wagging tongues. I was at home when I got a call that I would be moving some stuff to three different states and the last stop was Ghana.

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The next day I was up early as usual and went round my car to make sure it was in good shape, the tires were ok and nothing seemed to be wrong. So at about 5:pm I left for Lagos to Ph. I Love driving at night because I won't have any distractions.

I had just past ‎Ore when I noticed a bus parked by the side of the road, it was a common sight as buses do break down along the highway. I stopped to enquire and the driver said it was not major and that in an hour or two it would be fixed. A lady walked up to me and asked if I was headed to ph and I replied yes. She asked if she could accompany me because she needed to be at GRA in ph before 9:am the next day.

 That was exactly where I was headed so I told her to join me. She quickly called her busty friend and the three of us left. The girls are damn gorgeous with their long artificial eye lashes.

We got talking and I found out they were runs girl who were just coming back home after meeting with a client in Lag. She didn't say it that way but I was not stupid because am a sharp guy. Her friend at the back seat slept off so I concentrated on the girl in front. While talking I started having an erection and she saw it and smiled.

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She simply told me to focus because I kept staring at her big b00bs every now and then which was why I got an instant erection. I would settle you she said, just watch where we are going so that you wont get us into an accident. I didn’t understand her till she opened my zip and freed my rocket hard d!ck from my trouser.

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I was like, what are you doing? She beckon on me to continue driving. Just like a dream, she started licking my d!ck cap, she was rolling her tongue over and over my d!ck and it became really hard for me to concentrate driving but I managed.

I was using one hand to drive while I used the other to fondle her b00bs. The passion was growing; I could not bear it again. Luckily for me, there was mad traffic and everybody had to stop for almost two hours coupled with the fact that it was a night journey. Some people had slept off in the traffic while some were cursing.

I quickly wound my tinted glass up and I switched on the A.C. She understood me and she immediately climbed on me, Used one of her hand to shift her panty aside as she lead my d!ck into her wet pu*ssy and she began to ride me. We could not fu*ck in any other position so I had to enjoy what I had. She was riding me and bouncing on my D!ck like a hungry whore while I was sucking her huge b00bs.

Oh baby she said, that’s it, suck it, nibble on it. Damn I thought to myself, she's either on heat or super horny. She kept riding me till we both came, she sat on my d!ck till all the last drop of my cum went deep in her milky and slippery puss*y. After few seconds, she pulled out on my d!ck and some of my cum ooze out of her milky tight puss*y.

She brought out a tissue from her hand bag and we used to clean ourselves. We were still cleaning ourselves when her friend woke up and said “So una get mind dey fu*ck inside moto, na wah for una o”

I looked at her friend and we both giggle. Few minutes latter the traffic cleared up and we continued the rest of our journey to Portharcout in silence.  

Would stop here for now guys, i will post the concluding part tomorrow.. Make it a date with me over here. 
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