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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade as a Traveler (Part II)

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We finally got to Portharcourt and I dropped them off after getting their contacts. As I told you guys earlier, I am into delivery business and I had just delivered my first package so I headed back to Asaba to deliver the second one.

I made it to Asaba in good time and after concluding business, I decided to tour the city and also to check on my good friend. I went to the cinema to see a movie, also went to Delsu for no just reason and decided to flirt around. It worked cause after about 10 mins, a young girl came to me and asked if I wanted to see someone. As a sharp guy I quickly said yes but I misplaced his number and that I didn't really know my way around. It worked like magic because she jumped in and after about 2 hours, it was like we had known each other for years. I dropped her off at her hostel and promised to check on her before I leave for the city.

I knew my friend would have closed for the day from his boring real estate job so I quickly drove by his office to surprise him. It was all smiles, multiple handshakes, bumping of the shoulders and hugs because we had not seen ourselves for over 4yrs and that was after graduation from the university.

We Gisted like a couple ‎of high school girls and the day was gradually fading. So at about 9:pm we decided to hit the club (TGIF). I was amazed when I got to the club, it was neat, polished and in a serene location. Beside; half if not all of the ladies there were university girls so I knew it would be a good night. We got a table, I ordered a bottle of Jack Daniels while my friend opted for his usual Red Label. We both were half way when I heard a little shriek behind me and a lady rushed towards me and hugged me from behind. I thought to myself damn this breasts were spot on. Already I knew the highness was kicking in. I turned round and it was Chi Chi, the girl I met at Delsu. She came clubbing with her roomie and after the introductions we sat down and started drinking with them. It was a long night, we drank, danced, smoked weed, jisted and drank and smoked again.

At about 2:am, we were all tipsy and managed to book different rooms at a nearby hotel. I hadn't even closed the door of the room when she jumped on me and started kissing me. She tore off my clothes and I did the same thing to hers. She had the perfect body, nice breasts and hips that Nicky would envy. I quickly began eating her pu*ssy while she sucked my d!ck at the same time. We were doing the 69 position.  She was good and she knew it. She moaned and told me to fu*ck her from the back and I obliged because my d!ck was more than ready for action.

As I entered her she ‎moaned louder and said faster pls. Like a bull, I banged her ferociously and she took it all. It was a bitter sweet experience for her because I knew my d!ck was big. It was the case of it’s paining me but pls do not stop.

 Next I fuc*ked her the missionary style as she laid on d bed.  I was banging her harder and harder like I was gonna die at any moment. She quickly pushed me off, put my d!ck in her mouth and began sucking it. After about 3mins, I unleashed a heavy load of cum on her face and we both passed out. By 6:30am, I was off but not after I left her a note telling her how I enjoyed her company and I also left her 10k for her cab back to her hostel.

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