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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - See what happened when my Neighbour Daughter Biliki came to Watch Film in my Room (Part I)

The life of a bachelor is always fun, so they said but I think mine is boring. Maybe because am always busy with work and not the hang out type.

Once I get back from work, I will watch some films and then I will sleep off, other times I will watch some Blue Films, and then I will masturbate when taking my bath before going to bed.

My compound too is not helping matter, all my neighbours are yoruba, you know how nosy and noisy some of them can be so I always keep my pace. Most time I would want to hire the services of a call girl for the night but when I remember my neighbours, I will change my mind.

My direct next door neighbour is Iya Biliki, I have been in this compound for almost 2 years now and yet am yet to see the Biliki, it is only the Iya that I see always. But does that really concern me? Of cause it does not but you know sometimes, you will just get unnecessarily curious about some unnecessary things.

I came back from work one evening and I saw a lady entered Iya Biliki apartment, the lady has got a standard and an uplifted behind so I started being on the look out to find out whom the lady is.

Throughout that night I kept peeping through my window maybe I will catch a glimpse of the girls face. I failed in my mission that night.

The following morning I was all dressed up for work. When I stepped out, Iya Biliki stepped out of her flat too, we greeted each other and then when I was about going, she said "Duro" meaning I should wait. I halted and I was like "Se ko si"? Meaning hope all is well? And then she yelled Bi-Li-Ki, Bii-Lii-Kiiiiii and then a young lady from inside screamed "Maaaaaaaaaa" she latter came out and I was welcomed with a chubby, Average height yoruba girl. Her mother was like "Ehen Neighbour, na Biliki be dis, she be my pikin. Dia school don strike naim I say make she com stay with me instead of my sister place.

The girl was like "good morning sir and I replied good morning dear, how are you and your studies I added and she replied, everything is fine sir. By this time I have scanned her with my microscopic inner eagle eye. Her burst is of medium size, Broad hips but a thin waist. The three tribal mark on her chin really complimented her beauty.

I could not concentrate at work that day, every now and then my d!ck will come at attention, maybe it's because it's been long I had sex. So I started planning on how to swim through Biliki Pu*sy with my 7.5 inch rod. One mind said to me But she looks reserved, will she accept? Another mind told me reserved or decent girls are the best to f*ck.

I started noticing one thing about Biliki, she is the film type. She is addicted to watching all these Korean, Mexican, Hindi and Philippine telemundo. All these are not my kinds of movies. Am a fan of Hollywood movies, I discovered this about biliki's because every evening that am returning from work, I will hear the sound track oozing out from their flat.

Just to get her attention I started buying korean films too. Sometimes I will buy like 5 different korean films and then when I slot it into my home theatre, I will increase the volume of the TV to draw biliki's attention. I did this for almost 2 weeks religiously.

I was in my room lying on my bed with only a boxer on and with a semi erect d!ck, I was punching on my laptop, doing an official job while I was playing one boring korean films  on my flat screen on the wall.

Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. When I got to the door, it was biliki, she was wearing a micro belly bearing top, her b00bs and nipples were poking out of the top she wore.  After scanning her face down to her waste I decided to move downward to her thigh and then I discovered that she was wearing a very tight leggings. I can see the shape of her chubby pu*sy in the leggings she wore. By this time I felt my d!ck getting stiffer so I quickly excused myself, went inside, hang my d!ck upward and then I tied a towel.

When I returned to her, I asked her, biliki how you dey na? Am very well thank you she replied. Hope all is well, you have not visited me before o, she giggled and replied, Now I don com, I want com collect film, I told her, I no get nollywood films o, na korean films I get, and then she quickly chip in, na the films wey I want be dat na, na korean films I want watch no be nigerian film.

Come inside come select the one you like, dem plenty. Okay she said.

Will stop here for today, will publish the concluding part tomorrow..

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