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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - See what happened when my Neighbour Daughter Biliki came to Watch Film in my Room (Part II)

When she entered, I told her to sit down which she did, she sat at an edge of my bed since my high bed serve the two purpose. So I told her, when did you start watching Korean films? She said she was introduced to it by her room mate in year one. Wow I said.

I then told her to choose which ever film she likes, unfortunately for me, I keep my stack of blue films together with the Korean films. I forgot to separate them before telling her to look for herself.

I had almost 30 different Korean films in different seasons and about 10 different Blue films. So while she was going through the Korean films, I decided to try my luck, I told her, you look beautiful. You are the most beautiful Yoruba girl I have ever seen.

She blushed and said “Ese sir, I have heard you, I know you have said this same thing to almost all your Yoruba girl friends” and I said, No no no, I don’t even have a girl friend. Although I love yoruba girls, but I am yet to get any one that will be mine and mine alone, I wouldn’t mind if you will be mine I quickly chip in.

She just smiled and then while I was smiling with her, the smile on her face suddenly dropped. I asked her, why the sudden fade of smile? Did I say anything wrong? She said no, not really.

Then when I looked at her hand, she was holding one of the mojo’s and I was like “Oh my goodness” am sorry dear, I did not know I left them together? Biliki was like “Them”? you have more than one of this as she showed me the pack? And I sheepishly said “yeah, I have about ten of them in there”

And she was like “wow” but wetin you dey use dem do? And I replied, you know am a bachelor and am single too, so I use them to console myself anytime am feeling lonely or anytime am in the mood.

You watch too? I asked her, not really she replied, I only watch it once in a blue moon. Immediately I heard that my d!ck started gaining some strength.

How about we watch it together I asked her? And then she said “me I don’t know o” that was a yes to me. I quickly scattered the Korean film and then I brought out the hottest mojo out of the ten and then I slotted it into my DVD.

I went to my doors, bolted it from inside, brought down the curtains, I went to my windows, and I did the same thing. While I was doing all this, Biliki just sat there and was looking at me.  She managed to say, “Is it because of this that you are closing everywhere? I replied, I just don’t want disturbance.

By this time, the blue film select preview is already playing. So I selected the hottest out of the selection and it started playing. The one I selected is that of a young white girl that have a chubby pu**sy and a black guy with a long rod.

Few mins into watching the adult clip with Biliki, I noticed her b00bs were now bigger than when she came in. I told her, can I touch your hand? She replied “I don’t know o” then I held her hand and then I started playing with her hand. By this time my John Thomas is already rocket hard and vibrating inside my boxers.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and then I did as if I mistakenly touched her b00bs. Mehn, they were hard. When I did this, she did not talk, I gradually started fondling her b00bs. She did not say anything then I knew I had hit jackpot.

While I was fondling her b00bs and caressing her, her gaze was on the hot blue film oozing out of my flat screen on the wall. I gradually laid her on the bed and then I started to pull her leggings, you know leggings is easy to pull, before few seconds, I have pulled off her leggings and her top. Remaining just her Panty and Bra.

Her crotch was very chubby and meaty from the look of it, not wanting to waste too much time, I wanted to pull her panty and then she raised her hips up, when I pulled off her panty down to her knee I was welcomed with the most meaty pu**sy I have ever seen. I was like “WOW” she quickly wanted to pull up her panty back and then I held her hand to stop her, I was admiring your meaty pu**sy dear. You have the most meaty and beautiful pu**y I have ever seen I told her

I will stop here for today, i will post the concluding part tomorrow, see you guys.

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