"" Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - See what happened when my Neighbour Daughter Biliki came to Watch Film in my Room (Part III) | Talk With Da Silva

Diary of a Naija Runs Girl - See what happened when my Neighbour Daughter Biliki came to Watch Film in my Room (Part III)

Fast forward to few mins latter, I was already on her, fully naked likewise her. I gradually started sucking her hard nipp*les while she moan loud, while I was sucking one of her b00bs I was pressing the other one. I licked in-between her b00bs down to her belly button. All she was doing was moaning and wriggling her waist on the bed. Then I moved down gently to her pu**sy. By this time her pu**sy was super wet.

I started licking her hard clit slowly and rhythmically as she held my head and pushed my face deep down her pu**sy. I moved down a bit to her pu**sy hole and then I dipped my tongue deep down in her as she moan harder and gave me the arrrrrrrghhhh, shhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm rhythm. I started fingering her while I returned back to her clit. I was doing this harder and faster as she told me “continue sucking me baby”. I kept on with this rhythm till I felt her squeezing her pu**sy in-between my finger, within few seconds, she came hard on my fingers and tongue. Her sticky white cum fill my mouth and hand.

All thanks to mojo, I know how to make a lady cum even before the main nacking commence. I got up, opened my small drawer by my bedside, and I brought out a pack of Gold Circle Condom, I tore it and then I rolled one down my 8 inch rod.

I like penetrating the pu**sy from behind because doggy style is my best position. I raised her hips up, put my pillow under her belly and then her ass faced up while she faced down looking at the mojo playing on the tv. I started to lick her pu**sy from behind while I was stroking my d!ck. slowly and gradually, I started to penetrate her, mehn she was very tight, I kept forcing my big d!ck slowly and gradually till I manage to push half into her pu**sy, I started fuck**ng her slowly as I push my d!ck deep and deeper after every thrust, all Biliki kept saying was shhhhhhhh, Assshhhhh as I pushed deep and deeper. After about 15 thrust, her pu**sy can now take my whole 8 inch d!ck and then I started hitting her from behind harder. I was nacking her and was all sweaty despite the fact that my Fan and AC were on.

I later bend her over to lie facing the ceiling. I bend her two legs towards her b00bs and then I penetrate her milky pu**sy again. This time I felt I was hitting her womb, I can feel the pain and pleasure in her soaked eyes. She pushed me up from her, held my d!ck, pulled off the gold circle, pushed me on the bed, she climbed on top of me and then she started bouncing on my d!ck like a yoyo, this time she was the one in charge, she was fuck*ng the hell out of me like the po*rn star in the mojo we were watching.

Baby you are hot, please be my Girl, please marry me, please be mine alone, Bili, Bili, Bi, I kept mumbling like an idiot. She got out of me and then she set her ass for me for another doggy style. This time I am in charge and she has to dance to my rhythm.

I started penetrating her chubby pu**sy from behind again, this time her pu**sy was no longer very tight like the first time, this time my d!ck swam into her creamy pu**sy with ease. I was nacking her from behind so hard that Biliki came while my d!ck was in her the second time. By this time her pu**sy was all so wet and creamy, infact her cream came oozing out of her pu**sy onto my bed. While I was digging hard into her  pu**sy. She kept moaning and moaning as I could no longer take it anymore, I felt my balls getting stiffer and then I told her am cumming, cum in me baby was what Biliki said, I want to feel your seed in me. I felt my spe*rm rushed down my d!ck deep down Biliki pu**sy. After few seconds, I pulled out of her, when she raised her hips up, some of my cum started oozing out of her pu**sy. She looked at me but did not say any word.

Then I managed to say “you, you, you are sweet” she smiled and then she said to me, can I use your bath? I said sure, why not? She went into the bathroom.

Few seconds while she was in there, I followed her suit and then while she was bathing, I held he b00bs from behind, then I led my d!ck through her ass chick down into her pu**sy from behind and then I started hitting her from behind agin while the shower on us. Biliki managed to say “Se e fe pa mi pelu oko ni”? meaning do you want to kill me with your d!ck as she moans, hahahahaha I laughed as she giggled too.

Just like one of the style in the mojo, I raised one of her legs over my shoulder while her second leg was on the floor, she held the wall to give her balance and then I penetrated her pu**sy again, I continued the fuck*ng until we lost balance and nearly fell. We looked at ourselves and we were like hahahahahhahahahhahahhahahhah.. Biliki managed to say “ema lo ku sori obo mi o” meaning I should not die on her pu**sy o.

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