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Man Raped Own Daughter after meeting her for the first time in 20 years

A daughter was raped by her dad after tracking him down and meting him for the first time.
The woman, from Melbourne, Australia, was determined to meet her real father after spending 20 years apart from him.She found him in Queensland.
She learned that he had a history of violence, but decided to invite him to meet her and her family.
He took his son and partner to visit her home, staying in the spare bedroom.
The woman, who cannot be named, told the court that she was "really excited to see him [her dad] here and finally meet him".
She said

 "This was the first time meeting my father.He was happy to see me too [...] I was just so excited and happy to finally meet my real dad."
They were home alone together when he attacked her.He said:
"Give dad a hug" before kissing her on the neck and groping her.
She pushed him away and said to him in anger:
"If you're gonna be like that you may as well take me to your bedroom."
He told her
"I love you forever" before then raping her.
In court the woman said:
 "I didn't say anything or do anything.I felt I had to co-operate and not say anything. I was worried I might get hurt. I thought that if I tried to stop him, he would get angry.I knew he had a very violent past and had been in jail for physical assaults.I felt gross that it was my Dad. I just wanted to get in the shower as I felt so dirty."
The dad said in a police interview:
 "OK, I'm gonna tell you. She made me have sex with her ... I tried to say no.
"I didn't want to lose her."
But the 38-year-old dad later pleaded guilty to one count of incest and was jailed for four years.
He has appealed his sentence however, with judges agreeing to reduce it to three years.
Judges decided to reduce his sentence after reading of the father's "tragic background".

UK Mirror  

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