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Diary of a Naija Runs Girl – My Sexcapade With Zainab While Escorting Her to The Farm (PART I)

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I just got posted to this remote village in the North for my youth service. This place is so local that sometimes I call myself a cursed corper because I was the only one among my friends that was posted to a village for his service.  My friends were either posted to Lagos or ogun state, but here I am, posted to one Local government in the North.
It is so bad that only a few compounds are privileged to have bore hole dug in their compound. Other people in the local government still go deep into the bush to fetch water from the stream.  The corper lodge they gave me is like a goat house. Mehn when I first came down here I cried that night because I thought my days of doom just started after graduating from the University.
My mindset latter changed though, because the people here are friendly to a fault. Although they said Northerners are violent people, I also belonged to that school of thought. But now that I happen to be living with them, my mindset had to change, they are friendly and very accommodating. 

You know northerners is not like Lagos where guys and girls mingle anyhow, in this place where I live, ladies live in separate rooms with guys, even little boys about 5 year old is no longer allowed to share same room with any girl child even if the girl child is his twin sister. 
About six months after moving in, I already know how to speak Hausa fluently because that was like their official language there.  All through this six month, I noticed a particular girl always shows interest in me, her name is zainab. She is one of the daughters of one of the chiefs of that LG. 

She is 20 years old and in JSS 3. I wonder how they attend their own school here because some 20 year old girls are either in their final year or they are through with school. But in this local government, they value Arabic school more than western education,  we the yoruba people call it “Ile Kewu” they call it “Makranta” over here.
Zainab is very beautiful, since we do talk once in a while, I discovered she got her beauty from her mother, because her mum is a Fulani lady.  After  spending seven months, without tasting any pu*sy I made Naijaerotica.com my companion, most time at night, I will visit the site, I will download some hot po**rns, watch it, then I will masturbate my 9 inch d!ck, take my bath before going to bed.
One mid morning, I saw Zainab with a cutlass, and I was like “Ina Zuwa” meaning “where are you going”? and she replied that she is going to get some firewood, I was like, you want to go alone? She said why not? And I pressed further is it not dangerous? Are you not afraid? She told me she has been going to the farm all alone since she was a kid and that nothing has happened to her. 
I told her if I can come with her and she asked if I am not going to school that day and I told her that I have teaching classes latter in the day. I sense it was a good opportunity to fu**ck this northern beauty queen, so I had to take my chances. I told her I would be really glad if she would allow me to follow her, she latter agreed when I became persistent, but she said I will have to pretend as if  I am not following her until we get to the bush path that will lead us to the farm.  Immediately she told me this, I felt my d!ck gaining some strength under my boxer. Within me I was like “Today na today”

To be continued………….   

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